Seed Consultants

Seed Consultants

Seed Consultants is the only branding agency in Romania in a partnership with an internationally renowned consulting company in the field of branding and design. At a global level, Landor Associates is one of the most important branding companies, having over 20 local offices on all continents.

Seed Consultants is Landor’s exclusive partner in Romania, benefiting therefore from its consecrated methodology which led to the creation of international “love marks.”

The branding programs involve workshops and debates in order to actively engage the clients in (re)defining their brand. Among Seed Consultants clients there are many notable brands such as Scandia Food, Angst, Radio ZU, Petrom City, MedLife, GSP TV, Galador, Ovidiu, Intact Media Academy, Novatik, Final Distribution, VipAir, HERT Design, Willbrook.

Dochita Zenoveiov- General Manager
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