8% market share growth during Whole Day and 7% market share increase during Prime Time for Intact Media Group’s TV division in the first semester of 2015


The first semester of 2015 brings a growing number of TV viewers for Antena channels within the commercial target compared to the same period last year as well as the number one position on major intervals. Intact Media Group’s TV channels target all important viewer groups, so that almost 10 million Romanians watch the group’s productions for at least a minute on a daily basis.  Antena Group, Intact’s entertainment division, continues to strongly invest in content, in order to attract more TV viewers from the commercial target. Antena 3 remains the undisputed leader of the news niche, with audience numbers similar to those of a generalist TV channel.

Intact Media Group’s results

January – June 2015 compared to January – June 2014

  • Intact Media Group’s TV channels are leaders during Day Time and Access in the first semester and show audience growth on all time slots
  • Antena 1, Antena Stars, Antena 3, Euforia and ZU TV are audience leaders on five time slots on the All Urban target and on four time slots on the National target, holding leadership during  Whole Day on the commercial public.
  • The main competitor, CME, has declining audience numbers during Morning, Access and Late Fringe, on all important targets (Commercial, All Urban and National).


Antena 1

  • Intact Media Group’s generalist channel has significant audience appreciation on the majority of time slots, including Whole Day ( 5%) and Prime Time ( 3%)
  • It is audience leader during Day Time, within the commercial public, in the first semester of 2015, during the time interval when “Observator” ( news bulletin) and “May I call you mom?” are aired. Antena 1 leads audiences during Day Time and Access on the All Urban and National targets as well.
  • In June, “Poftiti pe la noi: poftiti si daruiti” (PT reality show 386.000 average viewers on the commercial target), Next Star (talent show PT 295.000 viewers) and Temptation Island (reality show PT 294.000 viewers) were the most watched productions.
  • Moreover, all daily stripes show leading audience numbers – Neatza with Razvan and Dani (morning show), Acces Direct (magazine show), Observator and Un show pacatos (late night show).


Antena Stars

  • Antena Stars’ market share has constant appreciation on all time slots, the most important one being during Day Time (35 %).
  • The most popular shows in June have been “Star Magazin Special”, “Vedetop”, “Rai da’ buni” and “Agentul VIP”.


Antena 3

  • Antena 3 remains the undisputed leader for the news niche and, shows growing audience numbers on all time slots, within 18+ audience, during the first semester of 2015, as compared to the same period in 2014.
  • The leading shows of the news station in June are: “Sinteza Zilei”, “Q&A” and “Exces de putere”.


Euforia TV

  • Euforia TV has diversified and expanded its offer in the first semester of 2015: the female TV viewers can watch famous TV productions such as “Dr. House”, “Revenge”, “Sex and the City” as well as Turkish TV series such as “Legea pamantului”, “Legamantul” and “Curajul iubirii”.


  • The TV station addressed to young people is audience leader in the first half of 2015, during Late Fringe interval in the age range 15-34.


10,499,000 Romanians watched the shows offered by Intact TV Stations in the first semester of 2015 for at least one minute nationwide during the Whole Day. In Prime Time, the number of viewers amounted 7.723.000.


( Source: Kantar Media, Copyright: Armadata)

Intact thanks its public and its partners for all support and appreciates their contribution in achieving these results.