Antena 1 boosts its market share with 18% during Prime Time in April


In April 2016, Intact Media Group’s TV division scored audience appreciation during Prime Time and Whole Day; Antena 3 received international recognition at New York Festivals (two gold medals, as well as silver and a bronze) and Antena 1’s diverse programing grid had excellent audience results. During the Easter Holiday, TV viewers chose to watch the most spectacular entertainment shows, making Antena 1 audience leader both in Prime Time and Whole Day, on Easter Day.

Intact Media Group

  • The TV Division is audience leader during Day Time (10.00 – 16.00) on the commercial target.
  • Intact’s TV channels lead during Whole Day on Urban and National targets, as well as on other time slots.

Antena 1

  • Intact Media Group’s generalist TV channel showed 18% market share appreciation during Prime Time and 5% during Whole Day, compared to April 2015 and is audience leader during Day Time.
  • iUmor (comedy show, 456 000 viewers on average), Chefi la cuțite (cooking show, 408 000 viewers on average) and Your face sounds familiar (transformation show, 385 000 de viewers on average) were the most watched productions in April.


Antena 3

  • Antena 3 was awarded gold, silver and bronze medals at New York Festivals – Best TV& Films, for productions signed by the “In premiera cu Carmen Avram” team.
  • Intact Media Group’s news channel is audience leader during Whole Day and Prime Time, in April, as well as on other time slots.
  • Sinteza zilei, Punctul de întâlnire and Q & A were the most watched productions in April.

Happy Channel

  • The newly launched Happy Channel has already attracted a large pool of fans on the commercial target. Happy Channel showed audience appreciation in April on most time slots, including Whole Day (44%) and Prime Time (22%). The most spectacular appreciation is during the Morning slot (300%).
  • Never let go (Turkish soap opera), White Collar and My corazon es tuyo (soap opera) were the most watched productions in April.


In April 2016, almost ten million Romanians watched for at least one minute Intact’s productions, at a National level, during Whole Day and more than seven million during Prime-Time.


Intact Media Group thanks its public and partners for all their support and loyalty. Intact offers the ultimate content mix through its multichannel platform, for all age segments and consumer preferences.