Champagne, celebrities and live online broadcasting at the graduation ceremony of the fourth IMA promotion


The fourth batch of students from INTACT MEDIA ACADEMY met today, Friday, June 29th, for the graduation ceremony hosted by Alessandra Stoicescu and broadcasted live on website Intact Media Academy.
The new generation of aspiring television professionals received their diplomas from the trainers and drank a glass of champagne, with a smile because they managed to pass the final exam. But the lessons of this job, regardless of specialization followed by students (cameraman, presenter, reporter, editor or professional makeup), continued even day.

One of the graduates of previous series was present, as a reporter of Antena 3 News and Observator. He was there to make a story about the event. Alessandra Stoicescu invited him to speak: “One of our trainers once stated: success in this profession is based on 90% work and 10% talent. Now I know that this is the truth.”

Niels Schnecker, economic journalism trainer, told them about the admission of Florin Pittiş at UNATC: “He went directly into the middle of the room and sat. Dem Radulescu, who was one of the examiners, asked him what was going on. Pittiş said <<I’m waiting to get rotten>>“.  Niels Schnecker continued, “This is the last thing you need to do as a journalist”.

Out of the four generations of graduates, 43 are already employed in various media trusts. The new batch will start on the 9th of July and there are only 9 places left.

Intact Media Television Academy is a television school accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Education, having as teacher reputed journalists and media professionals and being equipped with the latest technologies and having access to all platforms of Intact group.