Intact Media Group offers its media platforms for supporting young talent


Supporting young talented people is a priority for Intact Media Group. Therefore, on Thursday evening, all the brand representatives of the group have participated in an event to encourage a student with real artistic skills who is already part of project Primii 20. Eglatina Becheru auctioned her own creation, a painting dedicated Primii 20. The offers from people in the group were extremely generous.

Elena Prodan, PR Manager Antena 1, bid a professional photo shoot with makeup, hairstyling and comprehensive article on Andrei Cismaru, Social Media Manager, Antena Group counter offered with a viral campaign on Facebook.

Euforia, represented by Elena Stroe, Web Manager, replied immediately: “We bid an online exhibition for a target close to you – strong, emancipated woman, with different passions. You are becoming such a woman.”

Income Magazine brand manager, Dan Tudoroiu, made a very tempting offer to Eglantina: “I give you the whole business class, by means of the latest Income platform that we launched. 4,000 middle and top managers, with an income over 1000 euros/month will find out about your passion. “

INTACT Media Group won the auction, offering 500 Euros and an extensive media plan covering all its platforms to support Eglantina’s painting and passion.

Eglantina’s friends from Primii 20 project attended the auction. Primii 20 is an Intact Media Group’s initiative, which supports the ideas and passions of 20 young adults of 20 years old. The project started exclusively online on, in late 2011, to mark Intact Media Group’s anniversary . The 20 participants were selected from over 200 applicants.

Intact Media Group offers its media platforms for supporting young talent