Intact Media Group’s television channels – this year’s champions in audience numbers growth


January-August 2014 signals a significant audience appreciation compared to the last two years for Intact Media Group’s television channels. Moreover, the audience for each channel is on a strong upward trend. The consistent programming strategy addressed to the public brought visible results, on a Group level, but also individually. Intact market share increased by 13% during Whole Day and by 11% in Prime Time compared to 2012.

The main competitor’s, CME, TV channels experienced a decline on the commercial target both during Whole Day, and in Prime-Time.


Antena 1

Antena 1’s audience growth rose by 3% compared to 2013 during Whole Day and by 26% compared to 2012.  Also in Prime Time, the number of TV viewers who watch Antena 1’s programs Antena 1 is higher by 5% compared to 2013 and 24% compared to 2012.


Antena 3

Intact news television maintains its leadership amongst its niche. Moreover, Antena 3 is one of the top three TV channels in Romania, with audiences similar to the generalist stations. (Target, 18+, Urban)


Antena Stars

The only TV channel focused on gossip news and talk-shows, Antena Stars, has the biggest audience growth of a TV channel, in January-August 2014. Compared to the same period of 2012, the market share has grown by 90 % during Whole Day and with 38% in Prime-Time.


Euforia TV

The television addressed to women has a growth of 18% compared to 2012 during Whole Day and with 63% compared to January – August 2012. Euforia TV has the highest audience growth compared to its competitors.

During the eight months since the beginning of 2014, Intact Media Group’s TV channels have been watched for at least one minute by more than 10 million Romanians, at a national level, during Whole Day and by more than seven million in Prime-Time.

Summer 2014

The summer months of 2014 grew the audience numbers for Intact Media Group’s TV channels, while the main competitor’s channels went on a steep declining slope, both on the commercial target and on All Urban.



Antena 1

The most viewed productions of this period were “Poftiti pe la noi!”, “Splash! Vedete la Apă”, “Mireasă pentru fiul meu”, “Burlăcița”, “Acces Direct”, “Te pui cu blondele”, “Un show păcătos” and also Observator news program. Antena 1 grew with 33% during Whole Day and with 41% in Prime Time compared to the same period of 2012.


Antena 3

Is the indisputable audience leader also in June-July 2014 and has audience growths of approximately 50% compared to the same period last year, both during Whole Day and Prime Time. “Sinteza Zilei”, “Q&A”, “Stiri”, “Subiectiv”, “Punctul de întâlnire”, “În premieră”, cu Carmen Avram are some of the TV shows leading the audience charts this summer.



Antena Stars

It maintains the same trend of accelerated growth for the summer of 2014. The most viewed shows of Antena Stars this fall have been “Agentul Vip”, “Asistentele”, “Răi da’ buni”, “Dosarele Vip” and “Test de fidelitate”.


Euforia TV

The market share for the station dedicated to independent, sophisticated women, interested in everything new has grown by 33% in the Whole Day segment and by 29% in the Prime-Time segment, as compared to the summer of 2012. “Sex and the city”, “Private Practice”, “Dr House” are some of the most watched programs offered by this station.


Intact Media Group’s Televisions autumn offer

Antena 1

This fall means a new step in the television experiencewe offer, as a result of a long term strategy. The primetime is packed with six extraordinary TV shows, featuring local productions but also international mega-productions. Romanians  will be able to watch  each evening the superlative of entertainment: “Next Star”, “X Factor”, “Te cunosc de undeva” and “Serviciul Român de Comedie” have met the popular demand and attained remarkable performances in terms of audience. Two new productions complete the autumn offer of Antena 1: “Hell’s Kitchen” – Iadul bucatarilor and “Dansează printre vise”, which are based on two of the most enduring and successful international productions. Their production involved an important investment, which requires and imposes new standards to entertainment shows. As such, Romania is the second country as far as the technical investments are concerned for the production of “Hell’s Kitchen”. “Danseaza printre vise” will be aired live on a spectacular set: 12 stars will be on the stage of this mega show.

Antena 3

The only news station in Romania which is affiliated to CNN reaches audiences similar to generalist stations through its daily shows, which debate the most important issues of the day. “În premieră cu Carmen Avram”, the multi-awarded  documentary program comes back this fall with a new season of  exceptional stories. Moreover, on September 30th, the team of the show, lead by Carmen Avram, will be in New York, at the International Emmy Awards Gala., where they are nominees in the “current-affairs” category.

Antena Stars

In 2014, Antena Stars has been the TV station in Romania with the biggest growth rate. This September, the TV station showcases a new campaign , called “Toamna fara limite / Fall of no limits”. Consistent with its programming strategy, the TV station continues to provide in real time the latest showbiz news, the most interesting gossip talk shows, with the stars of the hour. “Following an insane summer, we challenge Romanians to be by our side for a <<Fall of no limits>>. More information, more joy, more entertainment, these are the “weapons” of attack in what we call the Stars-addiction war”, said Cristian Ionescu, Chanel Manager Antena Stars.

Euforia TV

The favorite channel of Romania’s modern women, Euforia TV spoils its viewers with a new series of local productions, as well as with TV Shows that gather millions of fans all over the world. One of the greatest surprises of this fall shall be the uprising TV series “Downton Abbey”, whose first season shall be aired for the first time in Romania, starting September 15th. For the same day, the TV station has planned the launch of “Dr. House” Season 6. Euforia TV will also have a visual uplift, as the new design revolves around the concept of equilibrium in the life of the modern woman. “Prodanca si Reghe” comes back this fall with a new season, in which the adventures of the crazy gang in Romania takes them across the country. The new series is called “Prodanca & Reghe: Fascinați de România”.


Zu TV has already become one of the stations with a large audience among 15-34 year old viewers. ZUma, Forta Zu, Grammy Awards Gala, as well as the daily shows have already gathered, only a few months from their launch, a faithful audience. Popescu and Flick have returned from vacation and resumed their talk-show and host, as usually, the coolest artists of the moment. The young people will see “Smile TV”, “Omul străzii”, “Poliția muzicii”, “Adevăr și provocare”, “Featuring Dl Rimă”, “Topul Most Wanted”, as well as with other productions which  have enjoyed tremendous success.


Intact gives thanks to the public and the partners for the support and appreciates their contribution in achieving this these results.


Source: Kantar Media