Intact TV division in Q1 2016: Happy Channel launch and audience appreciation during Prime Time in the entertainment area


The first quarter of 2016 meant significant investment for Intact’s TV division, as well as audience appreciation: Happy Channel launch, the relocation of the operations in record time, and audience growth during prime time. The spring schedules brought leading positions on all important targets: commercial, Urban All and National. More than ten million Romanians watched for at least one minute Intact’s productions, at a National level, during Whole Day and almost eight million during Prime-Time, in the first quarter of 2016.

Intact Media Group


Intact’s TV Division is audience leader, on the commercial target, during Day Time and Morning.

On Urban All target, the TV division comes first on five time slots, whilst at a national level, the TV division leads on four time slots.

First quarter

The same leadership position maintains during the first trimester on most time slots on the Urban All and National target.


Antena 1


Antena 1’s audience is on an upward trend, compared with the same period last year, on most time slots and targets. Thus, Antena 1 has a 17% audience appreciation during Prime Time and 3% during Whole Day, on the commercial target, whilst its main competitor’s –PRO TV- audience is declining.

“Neatza with Razvan and Dani” (morning show) has 10% appreciation, compared to the same period last year.

Antena 1’s audience appreciates during Day Time, during the slots of Observator and “May I call you mom?” both shows being audience leaders and during Access, due to “Acces direct” (magazine show).

Antena 1 is audience leader during Day Time on the commercial target and during Day Time and Access on Urban All and National targets. Antena 1 launched seven productions this spring, each of them with excellent audience results.

“Chefi la cutite”, “Tu cara me suena” and “In puii mei” were the most watched productions in March.


Q1 2016 shows audience appreciated by 3% for Antena 1 during Prime Time, on the commercial target while the leadership position is conserved during Day Time and Access on Urban All and National.


Antena 3

Intact Media Group’s news channel is audience leader on its niche, on all time slots, on the public aged 18+, both in March and also in Q1 2016.

“Sinteza Zilei”, “In premiera with Carmen Avram” and “Punctul de intalnire ” are Antena 3’s most watched productions in March.


Antena Stars

The TV channel that spins hot showbiz news has a 6% audience appreciation during Prime Time and Late Fringe, on the commercial target, in the first semester of 2016.

The TV series “Alege dragostea”, “Star Chef” and “Dosarele VIP” were the most watched productions in March.

Happy Channel

In the first month since its launch, Happy Channel has had important audience appreciation. The channel doubled its audience during Prime Time, due to the new production – Dreptul la fericire. Also, during the  Morning time slot, the audience appreciated by one market share point and by 50% during Whole Day. “Prizionera dragostei”, “White collar” and “El tiempo entre Costuras” were the most watched productions in March.



The Group’s music channel for the youngsters aged 15 to 34 years old has audience appreciation on key time slots in March. During Access, the market share doubled, compared to the same period last year. “Music Police”, “Most wanted” and “Late night on ZU TV” were the most popular shows in March.


Intact Media Group thanks its public and partners for all their support and trust. Intact offers the ultimate content mix through its multichannel platform, for all age segments and consumer preferences.