Professor Vintila Mihailescu says that “It’s time for the Romanians”


Professor Vintila Mihailescu was the guest of “Intalniri Creative”, the May edition. Intalniri Creative is an event where a person is invited at Intact Media Group in order to share with the employees their experiences, interesting stories of their career and life. He discussed about opportunities in the general and particular in the campaign ““It’s time for the Romanians”. This campaign aims to return to the values ​​of the Romanian people, especially given the fact that Intact Media Group is the leading Romanian media trust, built with local capital. This approach is very likely to be successful.

From euro – optimists to euro – skeptics
Several years ago, Romanians were very Euro-optimistic, 80% of them hoped that EU accession will bring only advantages. In recent years, their number decreased by half, which is clearly distancing us from Western models, stated the IMG guest. However, one should take into account the fact that Romania is the largest agricultural country with 50% of the population established in rural area. “What are signs that << The time of the Romanians came>>? Just adding the word <<Romanian >> near a food product doubles its price. <<The Romanian Tomato >> has a market cost twice more than in any other country, native is now a guarantee of quality, “explained the Professor. “We are witnessing a flourishing in the trade of traditional products, despite the fact that the law does not support this field at all.” Dragobete was another example mentioned by guest. “Dragobete was never a big celebration Romania, however, it became extremely popular in response to imported Valentine’s Day, a counterweight to a form without substance”.
By definition, the corporation is an international company. Recently, leaders of these companies are more interested in national references. “The reasons are pragmatic: the leaders cannot require performance from employees as long as they don’t understand the habits, the behavior and the traditions. NGOs  are already providing cultural consulting expertise in this area. The return to Romanian values ​​has huge potential. Not one single politician can afford to neglect the aspect of traditions. We notice clearly a need for finding national identity at all levels, from farmers to politicians,” stated professor Vintila Mihailescu.

Instead of conclusion
 It’s really “the time of the Romanians”, a campaign to serve as a model. There is a public demand and there are also many young people who are looking forward to it. “If they will treat this campaign with depth and seriousness, Intact is likely to contribute to something really valuable to the current context,” concluded Professor Vintila Mihailescu.