“România, tare de tot!”, a new initiative Intact Media Group


Bucharest, June 12, 2014 – Intact Media Group is launching a new campaign dedicated to Romania and its most representative events. “România, tare de tot!” aims to promote and support everything that is exciting, interesting and successful in Romania. The campaign will put in the spotlight, with the active participation of the public, the optimism and the energy of the younger generation so that everyone can enjoy, see, you feel and be amazed by Romania!

Intact Media Group addresses all Romanians who support social initiatives, art events, sports, concerts, special events, awards, achievements, or any kind of event that brings recognition to national values. There are great performances that are not known by the general public and many brave, hence Intact Media Group aims to promote them. The Intact Media Group Blog and the Facebook Page will be open for advice and comments on causes that deserve support. Until the end of the year, the Intact Media Group platform will be open for supporting beautiful events made by young artists and entrepreneurs, as recommended by the online users.

Romania tare de tot