Summer 2013: More viewers than last year for the televisions of Intact


Intact Media Group televisions increase their number of viewers of the audience aged between 18 and 49 during the months of January to August 2013 compared to the same period last year. Upward curves are recorded on time slots the day. The large-scale productions that Antena 1 has had this year, the talk-shows of Antena 3 Antena 2’s fashionable productions, the special broadcasts of Euforan and of  GSP TV had a direct and positive impact on the commercial public increasing the number of viewers from one year to another.

The upward trend can be seen also on the All Urban target. “Antenele” are audience leaders on the major time slots. Intact stations have supremacy and consolidate their leading position in the Whole Day, Day Time, Access, Late Fringe and All Day

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