The turnover of large media groups, Windows 8 and the Bahoi story in the new issue of “The Industry”


The 12th issue of “The Industry” comes with sharp comments. After having studied the financial data of over 100 media companies and advertising agency offered by the Ministry of Finance, the readers will find the turnover of media groups, the profit in 2011 compared with 2010, the numbers, the wins and the loss. Can one cheat with “likes” on Facebook? Vlad Ursulean carefully studied the phenomenon and now presents some unorthodox praxis.

Dan Iancu and Iulian Comanescu tested some operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. Mountain Lion comes with facilities related to social networks and icloud. And last but not least, those passionate about audiences can find out about the impact of political events on the television news ratings and fascinating stories written by Stephen Mako, one of the few local characters that can be classified as “Web celebrity ” – Bahoi.

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