Intact Media Group’s print division is organized under the umbrella of two entities: Intact Publishing (Jurnalul Național) and Convergent Media (Gazeta Sporturilor).

With a renowned team of journalists in the newsroom, Intact Media Group’s daily publications combine quality content with unique perspectives.

Jurnalul National, the most dynamic daily quality newspaper in Romania, was launched in 1993. With a national coverage, Jurnalul National targets a highly educated public with above average revenues.

2015 was a year of change for Jurnalul National. The newspaper was relaunched, became more appe, with an airy layout, new font, expressive photographs and very impactful subjects and titles in 24 pages. 80% of the content consists of original material, and the rest of short daily news, information wise.  Jurnalul National has consolidated its positioning as a quality newspaper, as it addresses serious niches and offers news and images from another perspective, with relevant articles for the reader.

For 2016, Jurnalul National will continue its readers’ retention policy, by offering prizes to subscribers and by publishing themed supplements (countries of the world, TV Guide, automotive, construction, IT & C, luxury goods).  New inserts with a wide addressability will be available to the readers.

Also, in June 2016, Jurnalul National will celebrate its 23rd anniversary, in a campaign whose mission is to unite different generations.


Gazeta Sporturilor, leader of the sports press in Romania, was founded in 1924, being amongst the first three European sports publications at the time. It survived the interwar period, the Second World War and the communist regime and it witnessed all the major sports events of the century.

Starting with 1990, it is a constant presence on the market, going through different editorial and format changes. In 2000, the publication joins Intact Media Group portfolio. Gazeta Sporturilor has a constant evolution each year, being, besides the undisputed leader of its niche, a steady presence in the top of the readership surveys.