A bigger public for the Intact TV channels in 2013

A bigger public for the Intact TV channels in 2013


The commercial target up on all time slots for the group TV channels

2013 was an excellent year for Intact TV division. The TV stations increased their audience and strengthened their leadership position on most slots and target audiences. Many of Antena 1’s entertainment productions ranked as no1, while Antena 3 remains the leader in news programs, while Antena 2’s market share rose since its December relaunch as Antena Stars  and Euforia TV rose by 15% in prime time.

Compared to 2012, the number of Romanians aged between 18 and 49 increased in 2013 on all time slots. The most important growth was during Morning, Day Time and Late Fringe. Intervals. The locally produced shows, series, documentaries, sports programs, and international attracted an increasing number of viewers for the commercial target. During Day Time, segment, Antena channels hold the leadership position.

2013 intact

There is significant increase on all urban target as well, where IMG stations hold audience leadership during Whole Day, Day Time, Access and Late Fringe. The most important growth occurred during Late Night (8%), where are aired productions such as “Un show pacatos” (with Dan Capatos), on Antena 1, “In gura presei” (with Mircea Badea, on Antena 3), “Agentul VIP” (Cristian Brancu), “Star News” and “Necenzurat” (with Adriana Bahmuteanu) Antena Stars.

At group level, on an interval of 24 hours, the Intact productions hold a better market share position than those of CME, the main competitor. There is a difference of 1.3 points of market audience share, throughout 2013. Antena 1‘s shows such as X Factor, Next Star, IComedy, Tu cara me suena! are just a few shows that attracted more Romanians in 2013.

Compared to 2012, the TV division was up 8.6 points market share during Day Time. In 2013, “Mireasa pentru fiul meu”, the news bulletin Observator on Antena 1, “Star Magazin”,
“Necenzurat” on Antena Stars, “Se intampla in Romania”, “Esential” on Antena 3 News are just a few programs which had a large contribution to this growth.

Access is another time slot with big numbers for Intact. “Acces direct” and Observator 16:00 are audience leaders on daily basis. On the same time slot, 16.00 to 19.00, „100 minutes”, „La ordinea zilei” (Antena3) and „Star Magazin”( Antena Stars) are big contributors to the leadership status.

Late Night is another important time slot during which the „Antena” programs are positioned as absolute leaders.

 Antena 1‘s monthly market share appreciation

Since January 2013, Antena 1 has constantly increased its market share among the commercial target every month, on each time slot. The most important growth is during the Day Time interval, home of “Mireasa pentru fiul meu” and Observator. There is 30% growth during this time slot among the commercial 18-19 public, whilst the prime time interval shows a 14% increase.

2013 meant excellent results for Antena 1: The New Year’s Eve show was an absolute audience leader among both the all urban and commercial public. The show was listed among the most watched entertainment shows of the year.

antena 1

Antena Stars
Antena Group”s celebrity channel, re-launched in December of 2013, has seen appreciations on all time slots, the most important of them being the Morning segment, in which viewers can watch „Star Matinal”. Compared to 2012, the market share is up 40%.

antena stars
Antena 3
Intact Media Group’s news channel is the absolute leader in its niche. There are relevant differences compared to other televisions with the same profile.

antena 3 - 18+

2013 was a good year for Euforia TV as well, scoring important audience growth among 18-49 female audience during prime-time (57% compared to 2012) and Late Fringe (73%).