Antena 1: No.1 television network in terms of quality

Antena 1: No.1 television network in terms of quality


Antena 1 has the highest quality TV programs in Romania, according to the first QUDAL – QUality meDAL research made ​​in our country. The study is conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS – International Certification Association GMBH, headquartered in Zurich, based on an online survey on a group of 1,200 Romanian citizens, internet users, aged over 15 years. The organization focuses on determining the level of satisfaction of the citizens regarding the quality of certain products and services. The research was conducted via an online questionnaire and comprised more than one hundred commercial and non-commercial categories. Regarding the TV stations category, the Romanians who participated in the QUDAL study answered „Antena 1” to the following question: „Specify the name of the television network holding a national concession in Romania that in your opinion has undisputedly the highest quality TV programs in Romania”.

The QUDAL market research does not measure market share, nor the power of a brand, but express the opinion and the experience of the consumers regarding who offers the highest level of quality in certain categories in their home country.

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“Antena 1 is the most important entertainment television in Romania. The most famous celebrities in Romania are involved in different projects of the TV channel: mega international shows, but also in-house programs are prepared every season at Antena 1.

In the first quarter of 2014, the generalist channel of Intact Media Group recorded significant audience increases in Prime Time, compared to the same period last year both amongst the commercial target and the urban audience.” – as emphasized by Isabella Carmu, Channel Manager Antena 1.