Antena 3, most watched TV channel in Romania in January, daytime

Antena 3, most watched TV channel in Romania in January, daytime


Raed Arafat’s resignation and the public demonstrations in his support across the country, the oppositions rally and the presidents live interventions, as well as the Supreme Court’ s decision regarding the unconstitutionality of the merged elections were the main events that marked the first month of 2012 and the majority of Romanians viewed them at Antena 3.

The News channel reported widely these events with the support of a large and dedicated team, which broadcasted live from all the hot spots in Bucharest and the country, offering the latest information on time. In addition, Antena 3’s producers provided the public with ample analysis in order to offer a more complete picture of what was happening.

Thus, the niche channel has imposed as audience leader in the time slot 10 to 16 (day time) with an average market share of 11.1%, target 18 +.

Previziunile zilei with Sabina Iosub and Niels Schnecker, Se intampla in Romania with Maria Coman, the special editions of the 100 minutes show, Esential with Alina Petrescu, 12 o’clock and 2 o’ clock news with Andreea Stroe, Saptamana de stiri with Alice Iacobescu and Editia de week-end with Catalina Porumbel and Ioana Raduca were the most watched shows surpassing not only the main competitors but also all shows broadcasted during that time slot.

According to Kantar Media, Antena 3 ranked number 1 on all urban targets, with an average 10.1% market share.

In terms of news channel rankings, Antena 3 was in January the number 1 news channel all day. Stirile diminetii with Nadina Campean and Marius Ionita, Secvential with Adrian Ursu and all the other journals contributed to this performance.

Antena 3 imposed itself also on the 18 + urban target, with an average of 10% share, and in all urban with 9.2% market share. Antena 3 was surpassed on both targets only by the main generalist channels, distancing itself from its main competitor, Realitatea TV.

Antena 3 shows from the most difficult time slot, La ordinea zilei with Dana Grecu and Radu Tudor, Subiectiv with Razvan Dumitrescu, Sinteza zilei with Mihai Gadea, In gura presei with Mircea Badea, special editions of Vorbe Grele with Victor Ciutacu, Conexiuni with Valentin Stan, Exces de putere with Oana Stancu, Q & A with Alessandra Stoicescu, Punctul de intalnire with Radu Tudor and the News programme placed Antena 3 as number 1 in prime time.

According to the data provided by Kantar Media, Antena 3 has received an average of 9.7% and 4.7% market share rating in January, among urban target over 18 years, and ranked number 1 news television.

News television Antena 3 was the number 1 informative television on all urban target, where it reached an average 9% share and 4.2 rating points.

Also in January, Antena 3 was the most watched TV channel in Romania for more than a week (from 14th to 17th of January and 25th January, 18+ target) when the protests, the USL meetings, the president’s speeches and Raed Arafat’s return to the Ministry of Public Health were broadcasted.

Antena 3 is the only news TV channel in Romania affiliated with CNN International and is part of INTACT Media Group.