Antena Group’s reply to all messages of support from Focus Sat subscribers

Antena Group’s reply to all messages of support from Focus Sat subscribers


Following the countless messages received from Focus Sat subscribers, who cannot view our TV channels Antena 1 , Antena 3, Antena Stars, Euforia and GSP TV, starting  of today, February 6th, Antena Group expresses its regret for this situation and its availability of carrying on theses negotiations in the benefit of the public.

We would like to mention that the talks for the new distribution contract with Focus Sat started a few months ago, as we focused on the public access to our  TV channels.

In the past few years, Antena Group has invested millions of Euros in local productions, acquisition and technology that have led to a significant increase in our TV stations audience. For example, in 2013, our group launched Antena Stars TV channel, the online platform Antena and  worked on the ZU TV launch for the first part of 2014.

Currently, Intact TV division is the lider of the TV market in Romania, with a market share of 22.1 %. The TV Channels in the Group (Antena 1, Antena Stars, Antena 3, Euforia, GSP TV) reach on average 6.385.000 daily viewers, on All Urban target, a 19% increase compared to 2010.

Antena Group considers that it cannot influence the business decision of the sattelite operator  with regards to its  choice of replacing in their grid  the leading channels  in Romania – Antena 1 , Antena 3,  Antena Stars, Euforia, GSP TV –  with international TV brands( Discovery Science, Discovery World, History Channel, National Geographic Wild and Bollywood TV) which have high retransmission fees – a contradiction  to the public  choices , of those who are paying subscriptions to the satellite platform .

Antena Group trusts  that this situation will soon be over, in the benefit of  a large number of Romanians who watch our programs, according to the audience studies.