Audience record in July –Intact Media Group’s TV Channels reached approximately 10 million Romanians per day!

Audience record in July –Intact Media Group’s TV Channels reached approximately 10 million Romanians per day!


July marked a boom in terms of audience numbers for Intact Media Group’s TV channels: the TV stations are audience leaders on most time intervals among the urban population: Whole Day, Day Time and Access. Antena 1’s new summer shows, Antena 3’s talk-shows, Antena Stars’ gossip shows, ZU TV and Euforia’s productions attracted an increasing number of young TV consumers.

July’s evolution

Intact’s five TV stations were market leaders on the commercial population target (aged between 18 and 49), compared with July 2013.


On the urban population, Intact Media Group is market leader during Prime-Time, Whole Day, Day Time, Access and Late Fringe. The appreciation in terms of market share below is presented compared with July 2013:


Another important aspect is that Intact TV Stations’ audiences grew on all time slots and major targets (All Urban and 18-49, Urban), while the main competitor CME, TV stations experienced a decline in audience numbers on all time intervals, on both mentioned targets, compared with July, 2013.

July 2014 versus June 2014

IMG’s five TV channels experienced market share appreciation on all time intervals, while the main competitor went on a steep declining slope on all intervals.


Antena 1

The No. 1 entertainment television in Romania increased its market share, on the commercial target, on most time intervals. “Fire up the summer” is the TV station’s message which drove these important rating and market share coordinates .


The most important appreciation is during Prime-Time: Antena 1 launched new shows in the summer grid, which have been undisputed leaders compared to those of the competition. „Poftiți pe la noi!” and „Splash! Vedete la apa“ were market leaders from the first edition.” Burlăcița” is also amongst the first positions in young viewers top preferences. The veteran quiz show „Te pui cu blondele” is also amongst the top shows of the summer.

„Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani „, as well as Observator 06 are appealing to an increasing number of TV viewers.

„Un show păcătos” audience numbers are also on an upward curve, the market share percentage on this time interval increased with 10%.

The day time main attraction, “Mireasă pentru fiul meu” (May I call you mom) was the absolute leader during both time intervals it airs, every single day on the commercial segment, with an impressive leadership percentage.


Antena Stars

Antena Stars is the TV Channel which has the most significant growth in terms of audience numbers in the local media landscape on all time intervals, on the commercial segment. TV viewers can watch live news and talk-shows, where on vogue celebrities are invited. The summer campaign “Toate fițele sus” received support from a record number of viewers who sent in selfies from their holidays.


Agentul VIP, presented by Cristi Brancu is number 1 in top audiences in July. “Asistentele”, “Test de fidelitate”, “Răi da’ buni”, “Dosarele VIP”, “Star News”, “Necenzurat”, “Star Magazine”, “Star Matinal”, “Star Chef” contributed to the growth of Antena Stars.

Antena 3

The leading news channel in Romania, Antena 3, shows significant growth on all day intervals among the + 18 public in July, compared with the same month last year. Market share growth can be seen on all time intervals.


Sinteza Zilei remains the most viewed talk-show in July; more than half a million Romanians on average watched this production. “În gura presei”, “Q & A”, “Punctul de întâlnire”, “Subiectiv”, “Panorama”, “La ordinea zilei”, “Secvențial”, “100 de minute”, “Esențial” are amongst the most popular shows of Antena 3.

Euforia TV

The station targeting modern, active women continues the strong upward trend in terms of audience results from the last two years. The summer slogan is „Dare to live Euphoria”. In July, one of the big surprises the channel offered its viewers was the Hugh Laurie concert, known in Romania as „Dr. House „. Euforia TV experienced a growth of 125% in terms of market share during Morning segment and 33% during Access.

The most viewed productions are „Sex and the city” „Private Practice,” „Dr. House” and “Queen of Ambition.”


The newly launched TV channel ZU TV gains more and more 15-34 year olds every day. In July, the young public enjoyed shows such as Dl. Rimă, Zumaia,“Zu Kids on the Block”, “IHeartRadio Music Festival”, “Morning Zu” or “Grammy Awards”.


Audience record in July – Intact Media Group’s TV Channels, approx. 10 million Romanians reach every day this July

In July, Intact Media Group TV channels reached an average of 9.811.00 million viewers, on national level.