Biblioteca pentru toti from Jurnalul National

Biblioteca pentru toti from Jurnalul National


Biblioteca pentru toti, one of the most important cultural projects recommended by a newspaper in Romania, could only have been launched by Jurnalul National, which has a long history in supporting and promoting Romanian traditions and values. Whether it’s traditional music or events such as “Folk you “ festival, all these projects have come to life as a statement of reinforcement of national pride.

With “Biblioteca pentru toti”, Jurnalul National intends to bring back to public’s attention important names of the national literature, books which haven’t been re-issued in a long time. In the spirit of rediscovering traditional values and rekindling the passion for reading, a new title will be issued each Wednesday, in a campaign running over the next two years.

The books are printed in exceptional graphical conditions, with in boards covers protected by resistant fibber paper, printed in gold folio.

First titles and issuing dates:

  • Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni vol 1- Marin Preda (March 18th)
  • Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni vol 2 – Marin Preda (March 25th)
  • Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni vol 3 – Marin Preda (April 1st)
  • Mircea Eliade – Maitreyi (April 8th)
  • Cella Serghi – Panza de paianjen (April 15th)
  • Mateiu Caragiale – Craii de Curtea Veche (April 22nd)
  • Enigma Otiliei vol 1- George Calinescu (April 29th)
  • Enigma Otiliei vol 2 – George Calinescu (May 6th)
  • Fanus Neagu – Ingerul a strigat (May 13th )