Half a million Romanians more for Antena Group

Half a million Romanians more for Antena Group


The most beloved entertainment TV family in TV Romania, Antena 1, Antena 2, Euforia TV and GSPTV, records rating increases for the first half of the year but also compared to 2009, the year when the TV stations were united under the same entity, Antena Group.

Antenele have a market share of 20.4 throughout the day, on the 18-49 years old segment. They have appreciated on each interval as follows:

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6.5 million Romanians watch the daily programs of Antene which range from the imposing shows of Antena1, the celebrities programs of Antene2 to the Euforia series or the adrenaline dose of GSPTV.

The market share of Antena Group increased by 15% during the day compared to 2009 and by 3% in primetime for the 18-49 segment. Considering the TV market fragmentation in recent years, the TV channels of the group have attracted half a million Romanians in addition to 2009, showing that their power is measured in people.

Thus, Antena 1 has a daily public of 5576.000 viewers; Antena2 has 2.077 million viewers, Euforia – 1313.000 and GSP about another million.

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Antena1’s programs received the votes of the public in June. The market share increased by 24% for Whole Day and by 36% in Prime Time compared to the same month last year, for the 18-49 segment. All the news journals under the umbrella of Observator knew an increase in their rating. The highest shift was for Observator 19 which increased by 36% share and 49% rating on 18-49 years old, compared to the same period last year.

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Antena Group launched in July Antena Play, the online platform which covers all the live streams of Intact television and six exclusive channel and many others dedicated special editions.

Antenele are already working for the fall programs, where once will see once again exquisite shows such as Top Chef and X Factor.