Intact Group launches Intact Media Academy, the school that will shape mass media professionals

Intact Group launches Intact Media Academy, the school that will shape mass media professionals


The most desirable media specializations, a group of professors renowned in the Romanian mass media and modern facilities – Intact Media Academy opens registrations today.

The media school, a project coordinated by Alessandra Stoicescu, offers its students the possibility to get trained and become the most valuable professionals in one of the following specializations: reporter, TV presenter, image editor, cameraman-photoreporter. The courses address everyone who wishes to pursue a career in mass-media and who has the capabilities required for such a professional path. Those who will be selected and will graduate the Academy’s courses will receive an Intact Media Academy diploma.

The professors teaching the courses are famous both for their work in mass media, and for their academic and theater involvement.
Mihai Gadea, Gabriela-Vranceanu Firea, Alessandra Stoicescu, Dan Negru, Simona Gherghe, Dan Capatos, Radu Naum, Vlad Petreanu, Lucian Mandruta, Mihaela Calin will be permanent professors at Intact Media Academy, as well as the TV producer Dana Mladin, the well-known diction professor Ileana Carstea, the director Viorel Sergovici and the producer Viorel Sergovici Jr., the renowned university professor Ferenc Vasas, and the actor Alexandru Agarici.
Moreover, there will be guest lectures by the Academy’s permanent partners: Mircea Badea, Daniel Buzdugan, Mihai Morar, Andreea Berecleanu, Razvan si Dani, who will have regular meetings with the students.

“Because we wish to focus on the practical training of our students, we designed the school with the same structure as a television. Therefore, the building has editorial offices, fixed and mobile cameras, cutting rooms, studios with all the required lighting and many more. In order to get a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical studies, our students will have the chance to put in practice the knowledge acquired in the class rooms by using the Intact Media Group studios and sets. Here they will get the chance to meet all the major Romanian TV starts from entertainment and news shows”, said Alessandra Stoicescu, the project coordinator.

The registration period is between February 22nd and March 14th. Students can register by going on the school’s website,, under the section „Inscrieri”, where the candidates can find out all the necessary information regarding the registration requirements. The courses will start on March 21st 2011 and will last for three months. The fee for one module is 1.500 euro.

Intact Media Group is the most important media platform from Romania. The trust offers quality content to the public and the B2B community, which is developed by a team of professionals. Founded in 1991, Intact Media Group has built a powerful portfolio of television brands, written press, radio, online and production.