INTACT MEDIA GROUP, 6.584 million viewers per day on the first half of 2013

INTACT MEDIA GROUP, 6.584 million viewers per day on the first half of 2013


The first six months of the year confirms the leading position of Intact Media Group televisions for the major audience slots.  The TV channels are leaders during Whole Day, Day Time, Access and Late Night. Viewers chose to watch the shows that enjoy global success , broadcasted by Antena 1, the news and talk-shows of Antena 3, the gossip shows of Antena 2, the hit series of Euforia TV and the sports programs of GSP TV.


The Intact Media Group TV channels are leaders on the majority of  time slots in June, seeing a significant growth compared to May 2013. Late Night and Access segments counted for the highest appreciation, with a market share growth by 1.7%. On the other hand, CME – the main competitor dropped its i market share on most of the time slots.


During Day Time, the televisions of Intact Media Group grew with 9.1 points above the average CME share during the same time slot, in June.


At the same time, the group’s channels are indisputable leaders for the commercial 18-49 public during Day Time.

Increase on all intervals compared to 2012

Intact Media Group channels have increased their market share on eachday segment , during June compared to the same period of2012. The greatest change was seen in Prime Time, where the group has gained 2.7 share compared to 2012.

4 5The TV channels lead the Access  and Late Fringe segments as well.


 (Target: All Urban, Source: Kantar Media, televisions IMG: Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia TV and GSP TV Television CME: Pro TV, Home TV, Pro Cinema, Home Gold and MTV Romania).