Intact Media Group prepares investments and new products by the end of the year

Intact Media Group prepares investments and new products by the end of the year


Intact Media Group, the largest media platform in Romania, supported entirely by local capital, is preparing investments and new products by the end of 2013.

The first event in this regard is the launch of Antena Play the online television platform of the group, which will include five live TV channels and five exclusive new posts: News, Gossip, Stars and TVNovela and ZU Channel. Antena Play benefited from an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars and was developed entirely in-house by Digital AG, the online team of Antena Group. The same team has increased the website traffic in the group by up to 400% and they are preparing the TV integration with Antena Play.

Another round of investment will be targeting Observator, the news product – a landmark of Antena 1 TV channel. With over 20% market share in its target audience: 18-49 years old, last year, Observator is working on a new look, which will be highly spectacular in terms of technology and decor. Investment in technology and human resources is around 2 million euros. This new stage of brand consolidation started with the launch of the dedicated website, which already has hundreds of thousands of unique visitors.

Radio ZU is the uncontested radio leader for the third year in a row for Bucharest, and ranking third at a national level, after gathering 100,000 people in Iasi, at a concert. The development of the Radio ZU brand is a constant concern for the group. In the coming months we aim to extend the territorial network through the acquisition of new local licenses, and develop the online platform which involves an investment of half a million euro.

The consolidation of Intact Media Group affects also the TV area where we are working on a new project expected to launch at the end of the year. This represents an important investment.

The TV, radio, print and online divisions of Intact Media Group reach daily more than 10 million Romanians.

The most important employer in the media sector, in Romanian, IMG provides an annual contributions of over 20 million euro to the public budget.

Local and international awards, involvement in the social sphere, partnerships with prestigious institutions and genuine concern for the authenetic values support the relevance, impact and quality of content created by the brands in the group.

Intact Media Group has a history of over 20 years, throughout wich it has established media landmarks in Romania. In 2013, the Intact Media Group portfolio includes five TV stations: Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia TV, GSP TV, two radio stations: ZU and Romantic FM, two newspapers: Jurnalul National and Gazeta Sporturilor, three magazines under license from BBC: Top Gear, Good Food and Science World, and an online platform with an audience of over 2.8 million unique visitors.