Intact Media Group respects their promise

Intact Media Group respects their promise


Intact Media Group respects its promise to its viewers and comes with useful information on the abusive removal by RCS TV of the following stations Antena 1, Antena2, Antena 3, Euforia and GSP TV from Digi platform.

„RCS still defies his subscribers, ignoring their requests by following their interests: increasing the subscription fee, taking advantage of the situation.

This week we asked, in an open letter to reveal the huge amounts they pay for the content of the other television stations. They refused to show openness about it, trying to mislead their subscribers in order to justify a new increase of the subscription.

In this context:

1. Out of respect for our public, we won’t agree to RCS proposal to overcharge the subscribers for Intact channels. Our stations have always been within the basic package of cable companies, being a landmark in Romanian content and audience.

2. We will enter the game of RCS acting against the interests of its subscribers. RCS continues, knowingly, to deprive viewers from the platform Digi from a right acquired though the contract: access to all programs in the grid. All RCS clients have the right to our channels through their contract.

3. We will not accept the RCS to burden the viewers with an increase in subscription fee. RCS paid large sums to other stations. The cable company believes that the financial support of niche content is more important than the interests of its clients.

4. We owe the status of the most important Romanian media group to our relationship we have built over the years with the public. They chose us and continue to choose us for the quality, relevance and impact of the content created by us. We will support the right to have access to our programs.

The interest of our viewers is the utmost importance. Respecting the interest of our viewers means presenting the Intact channels in the basic package of all the cable and DTH operators. There were thousands of messages from Romanians all over the world and all over the country which support this fact. The RCS subscribers are our viewers. We ask the cable company not to ignore them.

Sorin Alexandrescu,
CEO Antena Group