Intact Media Group ‘s TV channels take the lead in Prime-Time and Access

Intact Media Group ‘s TV channels take the lead in Prime-Time and Access


Intact Media Group’s TV channels reached 23.6% market share  in June, one point  up compared with June last year, for the urban public. The competing group, CME, downsized its market share by 2.2% compared to the same period last year.

Additionally, the Antena channels  have taken the lead in Prime-Time, for the urban public and  during Access, for the commercial public. At the same time, Intact Media Group consolidated its leadership position in June 2014 on most of the  time intervals, while CME stations went on a steep declining slope during whole day, with a decrease in Prime-Time, of  4.7 points vs. June 2013.

As such, the Antena channels  were absolute leaders during Whole Day, Prime-Time, Day Time, Access and Late Fringe, among the urban audience.


Antena 1, Antena Stars, Antena 3, Euforia TV and TV ZU are also leaders for Day Time and Access among the public aged between 18 and 49 years old.


Intact TV stations, significant increase on all time intervals in the first semester of 2014

INTACT TV stations lead the TV audiences during Whole Day, as well as  significant time intervas during the day. Furthermore, the numbers have incresead compared to 2013, among the all urban public. The Antena channels appreciated the audience figures  on all segments on the  18-49 target. At the same time, the competing group lost market share , especially during Prime-Time, with 7%  down vs. the same period last year.

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Antena 1

In June, Antena 1 strengthened its absolute leadership position in Day time and Access, leading the TV market  both on the commercial and on the all urban targets.

A1_topThe day time main attraction, “Mireasa pentru fiul meu”  (May I call you mom) is the absolute leader during both time intervals it airs, on the urban and commercial segments. The show presented by Mirela Boureanu Vaida recorded during the afternoon a 96% share of leadership on the commercial target and 88% on the all urban target.


Antena 1 has the leading position during access as well,  both on the commercial and urban public.


The show presented by Simona Gheorghe, Access Direct, has established itself as the undisputed leader in June, on both commercial and all urban segments. Antena1’s  average rating was 4.3% , with  19.8% market share on the commercial target.

Acces Direct, Mireasă pentru fiul meu, Observatorul dimineţii, Observator 13 and Observator 16 were undisputed leaders in June.

Antena Stars

Antena Stars is the TV station which covers the most important news about the glitzy world of celebrities .The audience number are much higher in June 2014 compared to the same month last year. The most significant growth was on the  Morning, Access and Late Fringe.segments .“Agentul Vip”, “Rai da’ buni”, “Stars Awards”, “Dosarele VIP” are just some of the shows that have captured the public’s attention in June.


Antena 3

Intact Media Group’s news channel showed  growing audience numbers on the 18+ public. The most significant increase was during Access (+81%) and Prime-Time (+42%). The public favorite’s programs include: Sinteza zilei, Punctul de intalnire, Subiectiv, In premiera, Q & A or In gura presei. The news journals are also in top ten programs .


Euforia TV

Euforia TV, the TV channel dedicated to women, increased its audience numbers on most of the time intervals. The programs and the series scoring high fiigures are Dr. House, Totul despre sex, Prodanca și Reghe: Relații internaționale, and also the series „Mostenitorii”.


The newest TV channel of INTACT Group, ZU TV, has won the 15-34 public. The hottest concerts can be viewed exclusively on this station. The public’s favorites’ include Forza Zu, Zu Music Awards, Morning Zu, Zu kids on the Block and Popescu & Flick. ZU TV is the no.1 station among the music channels in Prime -Time,  on the national segment.

In June, Intact Media Group TV channels had an average of 6.005 million viewers reach throughout the entire day.

In the top 10 TV stations of the month,  the group holds three positions: Antena 1, Antena 3 and Antena Stars. Intact thanks its public for all  their support.

Source:                 Kantar Media

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