Intact Media Group TV channels, audience appreciation on all time intervals

Intact Media Group TV channels, audience appreciation on all time intervals


Intact Media Group TV channels are audience leaders in May, on most time intervals among the urban population. Moreover, the audience figures of Antena 1, Antena 3 Antena Stars, Euforia TV and ZU TV are soaring compared to 2013 in terms of the commercial target.

May 2014, evolution

Consequently, the five TV stations of INTACT were market leaders during May for the urban population on the following time intervals:

  • Whole Day:         + 2,5 market share points (23,9% IMG vs 20,5 % CME)
  • Day Time:            + 3 market share points (25,3% IMG vs 14,4% CME)
  • Access:                 + 3.9 market share points (26,4% IMG vs 19% CME)
  • Late Fringe          + 2,7 market share points (22,5% IMG vs 20% CME)
  • All Day:                 +2,6 market share points (24% IMG vs 20,7% CME)

The Antena channels appreciated their market share on all time intervals for the commercial public. Hence the TV channels are absolute leaders in Day Time, at a considerable difference to the competitor trust, CME.


The Antena channels, appreciation of all day segments in May 2014 vs. April 2014

In May, the TV channels of Intact Media Group increased their market share on all time intervals compared to the previous month, both on the urban and commercial public.

January-May 2014 vs 2013, market share appreciation

The Antena channels strengthen their leadership position in Whole Day, Day Time, Access, Late Fringe and All Day, where they are undisputable leaders. In addition, IMG stations increased their market share on all time intervals for the commercial audience.

Moreover, in the first five months of the year, The Antena channels are absolute audience leaders during Day Time, on the commercial public.

Performances of Intact Televisions in May
The No. 1 entertainment television in Romania, Antena 1, captivated audiences with breath-taking productions.

In May, the most popular programs include Next Star, Te cunosc de undeva!, Serviciul Român de Comedie, România dansează și Junior Chef. The top programs also include Observator, , Acces direct, Mireasă pentru fiul meu or Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani.

Antena 3

The most powerful news channel in Romania, Antena 3, is not only undisputable market leader, but also shows significant growth on all day intervals among the public over the age of 18, in May compared with the same month last year.

Among the most popular shows of Antena 3 are Sinteza Zilei, Ediție specială, În premieră, Q & A, România la vot, Punctul de întâlnire, Subiectiv, La ordinea zilei and the Daily News.

Antena Stars

The ultimate news about celebrities and everything that happens in the world of the rich and famous is presented live on Antena Stars. The audience figures are incomparably higher in May 2014 compared to the same month last year, showing rowth on all day intervals. The most significant growth is seen during Morning, Day Time and Access intervals.

Among the most loved shows are Agentul Vip, Dosarele Vip, Răi da’ buni, Star Zodiac, Asistentele, Star News, Refresh by Oana Turcu or Dincolo de aparențe.

Euforia TV

Euforia TV, the  television channels inspired by women appreciated its figures on almost all time intervals. The most popular shows are Dr. House, Totul despre sex, Alice în lumea modei, Jocul dragostei, Prodanca and Reghe: Relații international.


The newly launched TV channel ZU TV gains more and more 15-34 years olds every day. The hottest concerts can be viewed exclusively on this TV channel. The most popular programs of the station are Forza ZU, Grammy Awards, Pop Profiles, Morning Zu Zu Kids on the Block and Smith & Flick.

In the top 10 TV stations of May, the group is present with three positions: Antena 1, Antena 3 and Antena Stars. Intact thanks its partners for all  their support.

Source:                 Kantar Media

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