Intact Media Group TV channels, audience increase on all time intervals in April

Intact Media Group TV channels, audience increase on all time intervals in April


Intact Media Group TV division had a significant audience growth in April compared to the same period of last year, but also during January-April 2014 vs  the  similar interval of 2013. T The audience numbers appreciated  on  both  urban and commercial  public.

April  2014

Compared to April 2013, “Antenele” TV channels have increased their market share, reaching undisputable leadership on the following intervals, on the urban population segment:

Whole Day:        + 1,6% (23,4% Antenele vs 20,6% CME)
Day Time:            + 2% (25,3% Antenele vs 13,8% CME)
Access:                 +2,2% (25,3% Antenele vs 13,8% CME)
Late Fringe:        + 0,3% (21,1% Antenele vs. 20,3% CME)
All Day:                +1,7% (23,4% Antenele cs. 20,8% CME)                

The Intact Media Group TV Division  is the absolute leader  on the commercial public during Day Time, with 22.1% market share.

January – April 2014 vs 2013

Antenele consolidated their leadership position on the majority of time slots between January-April 2014 compared to the same period of last year. The TV channels have increased their  market share on all  timeslots, among the urban public.

Whole Day: + 6%             (23,3% Antenele vs 20,7% CME)
Day Time: +9%                  (24,5% Antenele vs 13,5% CME)
Access: + 6%                      (24,7% Antenele vs 19,5% CME)
Late Fringe: +4%              (21,8% Antenele vs 19,9% CME)
All Day: +6%                       (23,3% Antenele vs 20,9% CME)

Furthermore, in the first four months of the year, Antena Group is undisputed leader among the commercial  public during Day Time.

 televiziunile Intact crestere de audienta in aprilie 2014


Excellent results for Intact Media Group  TV division

Antena 1, the most popular entertainment television in Romania airs international mega-shows alongside its own productions. Most of the major TV celebrities can be seen here. Antena 1 is the undisputable leader during Day Time for most of the commercial and urban public.

In April, the most popular shows were  Next Star, Your face sounds familiar, Chef de râs, România Dansează and  the recently launched SRC Comedy show.  The daily news program Observator and the daily strips Access Direct and Neatza cu Razvan si Dani are included in this top.

apreciere de audienta

Antena 3

The most important Romanian news channel , Antena 3 consolidates its absolute leadership position within its niche, reaching notable audience increase on all timeslots, among the +18 public.

“Sinteza zilei”, “Editie speciala”, Daily News, “Subiectiv”, “La ordinea zilei”, “In gura presei”, “Secvential” or “Q&A” are among the most popular  programs of Antena 3.

Antena Stars

The audience of the celebrity station of Antena Group, Antena Stars , is on a strong upward trend. Compared to April 2013, 2014 shows strong market share appreciation: 33% in Whole Day, 180% in Morning , 92% in Day Time, 100% in Access , 30% in Late Fringe  and 33% in All Day .

The most popular  programs in April on Antena Stars are Test de fidelitate, Star Awards, Agentul Vip, Rai da’ buni, Refresh by Oana Turcu, Star Chef or Star News.

Euforia TV

The television channel dedicated to female audience reached audience increase in April 2014 compared to the same period of last year. The appreciation reached 56 % during Whole Day and 143%  during Day Time on the commercial target.  Good figures were also   during late fringe ( 69% ) and all day  ( 83 % ) .

The most popular programs in April on Euforia TV were Sex and the city,  Dr. House, Mostenitorii, “Prodanca si Reghe, relatii internationale”, “Iubire secreta”, “Amantele” sau “Iubeste-te asa cum esti”.


The newly launched  music station of Antena Group, ZU TV ,  reached a remarkable audience in its first month on the market. The most popular  shows among young audiences, ages 15 to 34, were  Zu Music Awards, Zu Kids On The Block, Mos Wanted, Smith & Flick Police Music, Pentru ca… talent! , Adevar & Provocare, Omul strazii or Zu Trends.

Intact thanks its audience for their support and loyalty and values their contribution for each of these results.

Source: Kantar Media

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