Intact Media Group will not be backmailed by RCS RDS

Intact Media Group will not be backmailed by RCS RDS


Intact Media Group considers RCS – RDS fully responsible for depriving viewers and clients of thechannels Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia and GSP TV. RCS failed to comply with any of the rules of commercial conduct, deliberately ignoring the requests of Intact Media Group to reach an agreement and taking unexpected decision to remove the key programs on satellite channels Intact a day before the scheduled negotiations of the retransmission.

RDS RCS chose to deliberately stop negotiations, triggering a serious violation of the interests of its subscribers and their contracts. RCS-RDS received hundreds of millions from subscription agreements with viewers, money that were invested in their own television stations which were closed six months after the launch, thus defying the clients’ interests. RCS-RDS pay annually millions for the retransmission of dozens of posts with insignificant audience. The cable company tries to broadcast for free the TV channels of the most important Romanian media group, which records important audience. RCS-RDS collects therefore large amounts of money from the viewers of Intact and uses them to finance their own posts launched for political interests.

IMG asks RCS-RDS to make public the am money that they pay for the retransmission of the other stations. This way, the public could realize the deliberate, abusive attitude RCS-RDS has towards the Romanian stations with significant audience.

Through manipulative techniques used by the current administration, RCS misinforms the public and use it as an element of pressure on INTACT trying to justify the removal of the channels through political considerations.

Intact Media Group thanks its viewers for their manifested solidarity For complaints about abusive removal of the Intact channels from the platform Digi TV, the public can call the phone number 0214091791, where operators take calls 24/24.