Intact Media Group’s TV channels dominates five out of six time intervals in the first five months of 2015

Intact Media Group’s TV channels dominates five out of six time intervals in the first five months of 2015


Intact Media Group’s TV Division shows audience appreciation on most time intervals during the first five months of 2015 on the commercial, urban and national target.  Antena 1 and Antena Stars have grown their market share on the commercial target and are audience leaders on key time slots, whilst Antena 3 is leader on the urban  18+ public. Euforia TV airs  popular TV series and ZU TV is leader during Late Fringe.

January-May 2015

Intact Media Group

  • Intact Media Group’s TV division shows audience appreciation on all time intervals on the commercial target, but also on All Urban and National target, during the first five months of 2015.
  • Antena 1, Antena Stars, Antena 3, Euforia TV and ZU TV are audience leaders on three time intervals (Morning, Access, Day Time) on the commercial target; on five time intervals (Whole Day, Morning, Day Time, Access and Late Fringe) on All Urban target and on four time intervals (Whole Day, Day Time, Access and Late Fringe) on National target.


Antena  1

  • Intact Media Group’s generalist channel has grown its market share on most time slots in January- May 2015, compared to the same period last year, within the commercial target and holds absolute leadership during Day Time;
  • The most consistent audience appreciation ( +12%) is during Morning (time interval when the morning News Bulletin ( Observator) and “Neatza with Razvan and Dani” morning show are aired
  • “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Poftiti pe la noi: poftiti si daruiti”, “Tu cara me suena”, “Temptation Island” and “Next Star” are amongst the most watched TV shows in May. The daily stripes show audience appreciation – “Neatza with Razvan and Dani” (morning show), “May I call you mom?”, “Acces Direct”, ”Un Show Pacatos” (late night show) and all Observator productions are amongst the most popular productions.


Antena Stars

  • Antena Stars’ audience figures are on an upward trend during January – May 2015, the most important appreciation being during Day Time, +36%. The content strategy includes airing the hottest showbiz news and inviting the trendiest stars and public figures resulted in impressive audience appreciations.


  • Star Salvator (Schimba o viata); “Rai da’ buni”, “Star Chef”, “Dosarele VIP” and “Agentul VIP” are amongst the most watched TV shows in May.


Antena 3

  • Intact Media Group’s news channel maintains its leadership position within its niche, on all time intervals. Antena 3 shows important appreciations on all time slots.
  • “Sinteza zilei”, “In premiera”, “Exces de putere”, “Punctul de intalnire” and “ Q & A” are amongst the most watched TV shows in May.


Euforia TV

  • offers the most appreciated TV Series worldwide. Besides Dr. House or Downton Abbey, Euforia introduced two new successful Turkish soap operas– “Law of the land” is amongst the most popular programs in May, while “Emanet” will start to air soon.


  • The TV channel dedicated to young people is audience leader during Late Fringe, amongst its niche, during January – May 2015.
  • Forza ZU, an event that brought more than 60.000 people in Sibiu’s main square, was the most watched program in May.


10.663.000 Romanians watched for at least one minute Intact Media Group’s productions, at a national level, during the Whole Day interval between January-May 2015.  During Prime-Time, the number reached 7.887.000 Romanians.


(Source: Kantar Media; Copyright: Armadata SRL)

Intact thanks its public and its partners for all support and appreciates their contribution in achieving these results.