Intact Media Group’s TV division- the most substantial audience appreciation in 2014

Intact Media Group’s TV division- the most substantial audience appreciation in 2014


Intact Media Group’s TV division content strategy is reflected in significant audience appreciation in the first ten months of this year, as compared to 2013. The consistent appreciation of the entire TV division as well as of each TV channel places Intact Media Group on the leadership position on key time slots. Specifically, the upward trend of the audience figures has been a fact for several years, especially on the commercial target. Intact Media Group’s family of channels addresses different types of public, from all social spheres, ranging from mature, AB public to young audiences.

January-October 2014

Intact Media Group’s TV channels audience figures increased on all time slots during January – October 2014 on the commercial target. Growing numbers are also present on All Urban and National targets.

While CME’s TV channels audience figures are on a declining slope on each time slot and on all targets, compared to the same period last year, the Antena Channels are market leaders during Day Time on the commercial public and also during four key time slots, on All Urban and National targets: Whole Day, Day Time, Access and Late Fringe.


Antena 1

Antena 1 showed significant audience appreciation on most time slots on the commercial target in the first ten months of this year. Intact Media Group’s generalist channel is absolute market leader during Day Time.

Antena 1 - evolutie ascendentaOn All Urban and National Targets, Antena 1 leads the market during Day Time and Access.
Antena Stars

The only TV station focused on celebrity news and talk shows, Antena Stars, has the biggest audience growth of a TV channel in Romania between January – October 2014.

antena stars 1 bun

Euforia TV

The channel for sophisticated women experienced important appreciation during January – October 2014, on most time slots. The biggest growth was during Day Time (+ 33%), compared with the same period last year.

euforiaAntena 3

Intact news television channel maintains its leadership amongst its niche and has the highest market share appreciation of a news channel, which places it in line with the generalist stations. Moreover, Antena 3 shows audience appreciation on all time slots, on the 18+.public.


Within the first ten months of the year, Intact Media Group’s TV channels were watched for at least one minute by 10.341.000 Romanians, on the national level. During the same period and on the same target, Antena 1and Antena 3 reached 8.676 million, respectively 8.676 million viewers.

October 2014
Intact Media Group TV Division

At a Group Level, Intact Media Group’s TV channels grew their audience numbers on all time slots and on important targets in October 2014, compared to October 2013. Intact’s channels are absolute market leaders on the commercial target during Day Time, Access and Late Fringe.

An important performance is that Intact Media Group’s channels are audience leaders on all time slots on All Urban target and have important audience appreciation.


Antena 1

In October, Antena 1 offered its viewers a string of big international and local productions: „Hell’s Kitchen”, „SRC- The Romanian Comedy Service”, „Next Star”, „X Factor” „Tu cara me suena”, „Dancing with the stars, watched by millions of Romanians. These were accompanied by the daily strips – Neatza cu Razvan si Dani, Access Direct, Un show Pacatos, Mireasa pentru fiul meu and Observator, the main news bulletin. Antena 1 is absolute market leader during Access, Day Time and Late Fringe in October.

A1_oct_JN_1pe2Antena Stars

Undoubtedly, the record in terms of increasing audience figures is owned by Antena Stars especially by the morning show – Star matinal. The highest appreciation was 233% during the morning slot. Such growth is in line with the conceptual direction of this season “Toamna fara limite / Fall of no limits”.

antena stars 2 bun

Euforia TV

The television for sophisticated women, Euforia TV, continues to offer l its viewers the most popular TV series., from the national absolute premiere “Downton Abbey”, one of the most appreciated TV productions to a new season of Dr. House and the new Scandinavian TV series plus the local production “Prodanca & Reghe: Fascinați de România”

Antena 3

Intact news television channel has reached remarkable audience growth comparable to those of the mainstream channels. Also, Antena 3 reconfirms its status as the most watched television during Romania’s most important moments. Antena 3 shows a 63% increase. In Prime Time, on 18+ Urban target,, + 74% during Access and + 61% during Late Fringe compared to the same month last year. Antena 3 remains the absolute market leader on the news channels niche in Romania.

antena 3 3ZU TV

ZU TV is already audience leader on its niche, during the Morning slot.

zu tvIn October 10.407.000 million Romanians watched for at least one minute Intact Media Group’s productions, at a national level. During Prime Time, the number of TV viewers reached almost 8 million.

Intact thanks its public and its partners for all support and appreciates their contribution in achieving these results.