Intact televisions increase on all timeslots for the commercial target. CME declining

Intact televisions increase on all timeslots for the commercial target. CME declining


The month of September, which marks the powerful return of the shows in the program of Intact televisions, brought a significant increase in the market share among the commercial target, on the most important timeslots. An important appreciation can be found in Prime Time, where market share rose by 2.7 points. This is due to the powerful return of the great shows of Antena 1, talk- shows of Antena 3, the gossip shows of Antena 2 and the broadcast of the series „Revenge” by Euforia TV. By contrast, the competitor registered a decline in market share on all time slots compared to August.

Outstanding performances are registered also for the urban audience: „Antenele” consolidate their leadership position also in September for most of the time slots. On the other hand, the televisions of CME, which include Pro TV decreased. The channels of INTACT have ranking positions on the interval Whole Day, but also in Day Time, Access and Late Fringe.


Antena 1 takes the leadership position in Whole Day, in September

Antena 1 marks another performance in September by ranking 1st on Whole Day ( 24-hour measurement interval ) among the All Urban target. From September 2nd , the daily shows of Antena 1 returned – Acces Direct, Un show păcătos, Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani, but also Mireasă pentru fiul meu. Afterwards, the favorite shows of our viewers came with new seasons: Your face sounds familiar and the X Factor, but also with newcomers such as IComedy which ranked 1st for each edition. In October, Antena 1 is preparing two new releases, Anything goes and Top Chef.

Intact Media Group includes the television channels Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia and GSP TV , reaching over 6 million viewers every day.