Intact’s Tv division leads Prime Time audiences

Intact’s Tv division leads Prime Time audiences


September is the month which signals the return of the TV main shows. The Antena channels won the Prime Time interval in the first month of autumn (urban target), according to the audience numbers.

The TV division of Intact Media Group

  • On the commercial target, „Antenele” lead audiences on Day Time and Late Fringe.
  • On the All Urban target, Intact Media Group’s TV stations are leaders on five time intervals, including Prime-Time. On the Morning interval, the difference between IMG’s channles and their main competitor, CME, is of one-tenth respectively 25.5% vs 25.6% market share. On the other slots, Intact has the leadership.
  • On National level, the Intact Televisions lead on four time intervals. Market share has increased on all targets and on all time intervals, compared to the previous month.
  • At the same time, , CME’s audience numbers decrease on all targets during Prime Time, compared with the previous month
  • Intact has three channels on top 10 TV televisions according to audience numbers:  Antena 1, Antena 3 and Antena Stars.
  • Intact television channels hold over 20%  market share on all time intervals.


Antena 1

  • The generalist station of Intact Media Group leads during Day Time on the commercial target.
  • At the same time, Antena 1 is audience leader during  Day Time and Access on the All Urban and National targets.
  • On the national target, Antena 1 was fwatched, for at least one minute, by 7.642 million Romanians on Whole Day.
  • “Poftiţi pe la noi: poftiţi de va iubiţi”, “X Factor” and “Te cunosc de undeva” are the most popular shows in September at Antena 1 (Target: 18 – 49 Urban).
  • “Mireasă pentru fiul meu”, Acces direct,  emisiunile marca “Observator”, Neatza cu Răzvan şi Dani, Un show păcătos are as well in the top of the most popular shows of the month.


Antena Stars

  • The TV station’s market share  has increased on most time intervals compared to the same month last year.
  • The highest appreciation in market share compared with the same month last year occurs during the morning interval -+35%
  • The most popular shows of the TV station are “Răi da’ buni”, “Dosarele Vip” and “Agentul Vip”.


Antena 3

  • The most popular shows of September were “În premieră”, “Sinteza zilei” and “Punctul de întâlnire”.
  • The news station is niche audience leader on all time intervals, for the 18+ target compared to the same month last year.
  • On National level, in September, during Whole Day, Antena 3 was followed during the entire day by 168.000 Romanians for at least one minute
  • During the last week of September, Antena 3 has improved its affinity compared to the previous week, as follows: during Whole Day, for Urban AB 18+ category (managers and professionals), affinity increased by 9%, reaching 161,8%.A3_audiente_sept_EN

Euforia TV

  • The Intact TV station dedicated to women increased its market share with 78% during Prime Time, compared to the same month of last year
  • At the same time, Euforia is audience leader on its niche on the late fringe, on the 18-49 urban women target.
  • The most watched programs of the channel in September were the series: “Prizonieră dragostei”, “Curajul iubirii” and “Friends”.


  • The TV channel of Intact Media Group dedicated to the young audiences has increased in Access and Late Fringe compared with the same month last year (+ 67%, 14%).
  • The most viewed shows in September at Zu TV were: Zu Party Romanian Tour, Noaptea târziu se vede la Zu TV and Forza Zu.


9.396 million Romanians watched the television programs of Intact during the month of September 2015 for at least one minute, at national level, during Whole Day. In Prime Time, the number of viewers is 6.927.000.

Intact Media Group thanks the public and its business partners for their trust and support!