Massive investments, international awards and new content products for Intact Media Group in 2013

Massive investments, international awards and new content products for Intact Media Group in 2013


Intact Media Group, the largest media platform in Romania based entirely on local capital, owned by Voiculescu family, is closing 2013 with a significant development and a 12% increase in turnover, consolidating its status as the leader of the Romanian mass-media market.

Through its TV, radio, print and online divisions, Intact Media Group reaches over 10 million Romanians every day.

All IMG activities combined contribute to the public budget with more than 19 million euro, ensuring an annual salary fund of 25 million euro.

IMG TV channels (Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia, GSP TV) have an average daily audience of 6,2381,000 viewers on the urban target. In the last 5 years, Intact’s TV channels have grown their market share by 6.3 points during whole day and by 3.6 during primetime on the 18-49 commercial target. Two of the most important investments of 2013 are the relaunch of Antena 2 channel under Antena Stars name and the new sets and equipments for the news studios.

The Radio division, with a daily audience of more than 500,000 listeners includes two renowned brands: ZU and Romantic FM. ZU is the most powerful radio brand in Romania, an absolute market leader in Bucharest. ZU’s annaul event in Iasi gathered over 100.000 people in the street.

The print division includes landmark -publications in Romania: Jurnalul National, Gazeta Sporturilor and the BBC glossy magazines licenced in Romania -Top Gear, Good Food and Science World. 460.000 Romanians read the IMG publications on a daily basis.

The IMG online platform which interacts daily with 3,75 million people has launched, due to a major investment, Antena Play, the online entertainment and news platform which includes livestreaming from 5 TV channels (Antena1, Antena2, Antena3, Euforia lifestyle TV and GSPTV), 5 exclusive channels, backstage video and exclusive footage. In just 5 months since its debut, Antena Play counts approximately  500.000 active accounts.

The group is involved in the social responsibility area, through Mereu Aproape Foundation, but also through the main news journal –Observator campaigns.

During its eight years of existence, The Mereu Aproape Foundation has raised more than 8 million Euro, which were directed to over 100,000 direct beneficiaries and were used to build 75 houses and save lives.

The acknowledgments received over the years confirm the relevance, creativity and quality of the content created by Intact Media Group. A long list of APTR ( Romania’s TV Professional Association) awards, national and international distinctions, including four of the  UK’s Association for International Broadcasting awards (AIB) for Antena 3 in the last three years, a Gold Medal  at the prestigious New York Festivals and Antena 3’s affiliation to CNN, certify the dedication to quality content.

Partnerships with prestigious institutions and the continuous interest of Intact Media Group for authentic values have brought the Romanian public TV theatre shows, campaigns dedicated to Romanians who make us proud, social and cultural events, information and high class entertainment. In 2013, Antena3 set  a world record for the biggest national flag, aschievement recognized by Guiness World Records.

As a reward for the outstanding effort and dedication of its professionals, Intact Media Group’s 2014 strategywill focus on its team performance and development of the employees’ individual skills consisting in new courses and trainings, Master and MBAs studies as well as motivational packages.

At the same time, IMG is responsible for training a new generation of media professionals. As such, Intact Media Academy has  become the most important educational project in Romanian media, accredited by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Equal Opportunities and the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth.

During its over 20 years of activity, IMG has grown hundreds of media professionals. The group has become an objective landmark in the career of most Romanian journalists.

In 2013, Intact Media Group consists of five TV stations: Antena 1, Antena Stars, Antena 3, Euforia TV, GSP TV, two radio stations: ZU and Romantic FM, two daily newspapers: Jurnalul National and  Gazeta Sporturilor, three BBC magazines: Top Gear, Good Food and Science World, as well as an online platform counting 3,75 million unique viewers.