More than 10 million Romanians watched Intact Media Group’s productions in January

More than 10 million Romanians watched Intact Media Group’s productions in January


January brings top positions for Intact Media Group’s televisions. After a year in which the biggest media groups battled for the leadership position in TV channels charts, Intact Media Group leads the majority of time slots on the most relevant targets. Thus, the TV division is audience leader during Morning and Day Time. On the urban population and during Whole Day, Intact Media Group’s TV channels are leaders. At a national level, the TV divisioncome first on four time slots, amongst which Whole Day. More than ten million Romanians watched for at least one minute Intact’s productions, at a National level, during Whole Day, in January 2016.


Antena 1

Intact’s generalist channel is in the lead during Day Time and Access, on both the Urban and National targets.

“Beat the blondes” is the most watched show, on the commercial target in January. 362.000 viewers watched the production, followed by “Poftiți pe la noi: poftiți și dăruiți” (II) and Observator 19 (the main news bulletin).

The daily stripes (day-time, access, late fringe) contributed to Antena 1’s market share in January.


Antena Stars

The TV channel that spins hot showbiz news has a 15% audience growth during Prime Time.

The most watched productions were Răi da’ buni, Party-tura as well as the tv series Alege dragostea, whose source of inspiration was Jane Austen’s novel, Sense And Sensibility.

Antena 3

Holds its position as the most watched news TV channel on the 18+, Urban population. It leads audiences both during Whole Day and Prime Time.

The most popular productions were Sinteza zilei, talk-show moderated by Mihai Gâdea, Special Editions and the investigation production Exces de putere.


Euforia TV

The TV channel addressing women, which is going through a rebranding process and will be launched in March as Happy Channel, showed market share growth on all time slots. Friends, Sex and the City and White Collar were the most watched TV series in January.



The Group’s channel for the young generation was watched on average by 60.000 Romanians, during Whole Day, in January 2016.

Most Wanted, ZU Trends and Late night at ZU TV were the most popular shows at the beginning of 2016.


Intact thanks its public and its partners for all their support and trust.