Press Release Intact Media Group

Press Release Intact Media Group


The management and the employees of Intact Media Group have taken note with disapproval of the decision in the process involving the founder of the media trust, Dan Voiculescu. We believe that it is an intolerable abuse in a state governed by the rule of law.

This measure is an obvious attempt to intimidate the strongest news channel in Romania, Antena 3, and part of the Intact Media Group. Antena 3 is the only television which showed undeniable proves regarding corruption at the highest levels, culminating with the tapes which showed that the brother of President Basescu was bribed in order to use his influence in favor of a convict. After airing the incriminating footage, Mircea Basescu was arrested and the process of Dan Voiculescu was accelerated and abusively concluded.

Despite all the pressure put on them so far, the journalists of this group will continue to do their job with professionalism and dedication.

What happened today defies not only the practice of justice, in a state part of the European Union but also the principles of the state governed by the rule of law, often invoked by the ones that go beyond the law. Today, in a flagrant violation of the right to a fair trial, my father pays for the freedom of the press in Romania. For his courage.

„The constant fighting of a regime which seized the votes of 7.4 million Romanians, a regime which humiliated and wronged many people, but which cannot be stopped by the arbitrary abuse. The journalists of the group, which my father founded more than twenty years and has become the most powerful media platform in Romania, will continue to speak truths about a system which wants to seize dignity. The power of this group was built with the endorsement of the public trust, which honored us and confirmed our journalistic mission. Millions of people could follow the journalistic investigations of Antena 3, which presented how the law is violated by law enforcement officers; how freedom was sold, being witnesses of a closed system which tramples basic rights and freedoms. (…) I assure you that my father did not commit any wrongdoing. He fought with dignity, courage and honor against a regime which resembles increasingly with those from the past. I am very proud of him!„, stated Camelia Voiculescu, shareholder and president Intact Media Group.

Intact Media Group is the leading Romanian media market, with growing audiences on all day intervals in July, being watched by an average of ten million Romanian people daily. Intact thanks its public for its trust and support, and ensures it that it will stay close to him, no matter how many obstacles it has to overcome.