The “Antena” TV channels hold three positions in top 10 TV stations during February

The “Antena” TV channels hold three positions in top 10 TV stations during February


Intact TV division has appreciated its position on the majority of daily segments, both  on commercial and urban public during February 2014.

Compared to February 2013, the „Antena” TV channels have increased their market share, reaching undisputable leadership on the following intervals, on urban population:

  •  whole day ( 23,2% vs. 20.4% the competition)
  •  day time ( 24,2% vs. 12,8%  the competition)
  •  access (24,3 %  vs.  19.1% the competition)
  •  late fringe ( 21,9% vs. 19,5% the competition)
  •  all day (23,2% vs.20,6% the competition)

februarie 2014

Intact televisions lead the TV market during day time on the commercial public as well, with a market share of 20.3%.

Antena 1, the most endearing entertainment channel in Romania, has appreciated its market share in the 18-49 target on important daily segments such as prime time (+8%) or morning (+7%). Antena 1 is the absolute leader in day time both on commercial and urban public. Antena 1 holds the leading position  during  access as well, on the urban public.

The shows with the highest number of viewers in February were “Next Star”, “Te pui cu blondele”, (Beat the Blondes), “iComedy”, “Te cunosc de undeva!” (Your face sounds familiar), “Totul e permis”, the newscasts of Observator, but also the popular daily strips: Neatza, Mireasă pentru fiul meu, Acces Direct and Un show păcătos.

Antena 3 is the leading news channel in Romania, holding the third position on the TV market during February. Antena 3 has grown its share on all daily timeslots, among the most important being day time (+17%), access (+19%), all day (+13%) and prime time (+11%). The most popular programs include “Sinteza Zilei”, “Punctul de întâlnire”, “Subiectiv”, “Secvențial”, “Q&A”, “La ordinea zilei” and “100 de minute”.

Antena Stars, the television channel that reveals the world of celebrity increased its market share on all daily segments, showing significant growth in the morning (83%), day time (73%), late fringe (56%) and whole day (45%). Among the most popular programs were “Agentul VIP”, “Răi da’ buni”, “Asistentele”,  “Dosarele VIP”, “Star Zodiac”, “Star News” and “Dincolo de aparențe”.

Euforia TV, television channel dedicated to ladies, has appreciated its share on the majority of daily time slots during February 2014, showing significant growth during day time (75%), all day (18%) and evening (17%). Contributors to this result were the TV series: “Soare, palmieri și crime”, (the Glades) “Dr. House”, “Totul despre sex” (Sex and the city) “Iubirile croitoresei”(El tiempo entre costuras).

Intact is the sole media group which holds three TV channels in top 10 television stations during prime time, on the commercial public target, during February: Antena 1, Antena 3 Antena Stars.

Intact Media Group  TV division had an average reach of 6.719 million viewers throughout the day in February.

Intact thanks its public, for its support and loyalty and values the contribution of each Romanian to these results.

All the data is provided by Kantar Media.