The Hearing of Sorin Alexandrescu at DNA – Official Position of Antena 1

The Hearing of Sorin Alexandrescu at DNA – Official Position of Antena 1


Bucharest, May 30, 2013. Antena 1 is confident that the legal steps in the hearing of Sorin Alexandrescu, the CEO of the television station Antena 1 will run with alacrity and will fully comply with the law, including the procedural rights established by the national and international law.

 The hearing of Mr. Alexandrescu rises however significant doubts about the legitimacy and objectivity of this approach, given the fact that the complaint came from a company representative of RCS-RDS with which Antena Group already has a number of civil and commercial litigations. Specifically, at the moment, there are 11 court litigations between the Antena Group and RCS & RDS, among which there is also a request for the insolvency of the cable distributor (RCS& RDS) .

Antena 1 believes that state institutions must act solely according to the law, with maximum objectivity and transparency, without being influenced by economic or other interests.

Throughout its activity as a top manager of several leading companies in areas such as FMCG, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Stock Exchanges, Sorin Alexandrescu proved its professional skills confirmed also by the results of Antena 1.

Antena 1 confidently expects a responsible and grounded decision in this case and states its determination to notify the competent institutions about any attempt to use this incident in order to denigrate the image of the TV station, the image of the professionals who work within it and the image of the millions of Romanians who offer us constantly their attention and their trust.