The Intact Media Group Radio Division is always on top

The Intact Media Group Radio Division is always on top


Radio ZU is again the undisputable leader of radio audiences in the capital

The radio where you can listen every day to Buzdugan and Morar, was awarded the first place. Radio ZU is unbeatable in terms of audiences since the launch of the FM station. The information is confirmed by the Radio Audience Survey conducted by IMAS – Marketing and Polls SA and GfK Romania – Market Research Institute SRL from 27th of April to 16th of August 2015.

The summer of 2015 finds Radio ZU as the first radio in Bucharest with 250,800 listeners and a market share of 10.3%. In the ranking for the commercial public in the capital ZU has the same position with 175,800 listeners and a market share of 14%.

At the urban level, with 1216100 listeners and a market share of 8.6%, ZU ranks third among the stations, a short distance from the first two places (Kiss FM, Radio Romania, respectively). On a national level, Radio Zu has 1871300 listeners (with 179300 more than during prior research) which offer the station a market share of 9%.

Starting with September 14th, Buzdugan and Morar say „goodbye” to the holiday and come back to the morning show at ZU. Therefore, starting with Monday morning at 7:00, you have a meeting with winners of Radio in Romania.

Radio ZU

The people of Bucharest prefer „music, not noise ‘

Romantic FM is still among people of Bucharest favorite radio stations, with a total of 85100 listeners’ daily listeners and a market share of 4.3%, according to survey results mentioned above.

The only premium exclusive radio in the local media, Romantic FM keeps the same musically diverse and exclusive offer. It keeps therefore the mood which it famous, only on the 101.9 FM frequency and

2015.09.07 Romantic FM