1991 INTACT Media Group’s history starts in the early 90s, at the dawn of Romania’s liberation under the communist regime. Confident in the future of press and determined to break new ground in the barren local media landscape, Romanian business man Dan Voiculescu invests in a printing house. Thus, INTACT Printing House becomes the first company of what later will be the most powerful Romanian Media Group.

1993 Dan Voiculescu invests in Romania’s first commercial television, offering the public an alternative to the national broadcaster. The new TV station is called Antena 1 and airs movies and news for starters. The same year marks the birth of the daily newspaper Jurnalul National, in a 32 page format.

1994 A premiere for Romania, Radio Romantic debuts with a golden hits format without any commercial breaks. With Antena 1 on an ascending spiral, the need for a production house becomes imminent. INTACT Production takes the helm of Antena 1’s TV productions whilst Antena 1 starts its territorial expansion, with the launching of its first local studio in Pitesti.

1998 Re-launching of Antena 1, under a new graphic identity created by Pittard Sullivan company and featuring a new programming grid with focus on local productions. Antena 1 becomes the first Romanian TV station with more than 9 hours of live transmissions per day.

1999 Antena1 gets exclusive rights for broadcasting the National Football League, being the first private TV station to air four matches per week.

2000 6 years and 16 local studios later, INTACT Media Group acquires the most prestigious sports newspaper in Romania, Gazeta Sporturilor.

2005 Dan Voiculescu, founder of INTACT Media Group, dedicates himself to politics, leaving its businesses in the hands of its two daughters, Camelia and Corina. With Camelia Voiculescu as President of the media group and Corina Voiculescu coordinating the charity actions, through humanitarian organizations, Intact starts developing in new directions. This year marks an organic growth by launching new niches – financial and news (Saptamana Financiara magazine and Antena 3 TV station). Media Sport Group company, publisher of the first 4×4 magazine in Romania, 4WD, joins INTACT Media Group, launching two BBC local editions of “Top Gear” and “Good Food” magazines.

2006 new brands are launched under the Intact umbrella: Euforia, a lifestyle TV channel dedicated to women, Antena international,a TV station aiming to Romanian communities around the world, Felicia, a weekly well-being magazine and a new BBC licence, Good Food, the food & deco magazine. The group’s development on niches has generated the need of a creating a solid sales house – Clir Media. The new media ascension signals the launching of a new company for INTACT, Open Media Network, which offers solution for mobile marketing and video advertising.

2007 consolidation of the existing brands (Jurnalul National enjoys the highest readership of the quality newspaper area, Gazeta Sporturilor is leader of sports press, Antena 1 positions as no.1 in TV entertainment), alongside development of new niches (launching of a TV channel focused on talk-shows – Antena 2). The territorial expansion gets a boost with the publication of a national network of weekly papers – Ghimpele.

2008 The print division welcomes two new titles – the daily financial paper “Financiarul” – which was rebranded in 2011 in Fin.ro (Financial Intelligence News) and the monthly glossy lifestyle magazine “Confidential”. As a result of Antena 1 and RCS winning the broadcasting rights for the first national football league, Intact launches the sports channel GSP TV, which airs most of the first league’s matches. The same year marks the debut of a new radio station – ZU, a CHR format, based on interactive and unconventional ideas. The new media division registers significant performances with the string of sites built around gsp.ro and the revamping of the existing ones, which become fully fledged entities. The second sales house of the group is re-launched as INTACT Advertising whilst a new company, INTACT Interactive is acting as the on-line sales entity which operates all INTACT’s viral businesses.

2009 The economic crisis has not spared the Romania media market. Despite this, Intact Media Group managed to consolidate its presence with a phenomenal 120% growth in radio, and constant progress in print and online. Radio Zu, extended its network with 7 new local stations. Only a year after its launch, it became the favorite radio station of Bucharest listeners. Jurnalul National, the number one quality newspaper, started a series of initiatives in order to reinforce Romanian values. “Biblioteca pentru toti” and “Miscarea de rezistenta” are only some of the campaigns which focused on the importance of culture within public life. These campaigns were endorsed by high-profile Romanians including artists, opinion makers and famous athletes. Jurnalul National became a reference point for quality press on the Romanian market. During the same year, Intact Interactive consolidated its presence on the online and mobile sphere. Intact Interactive developed a solid platform which allows the administration and growth of the Intact Media Group websites, creating therefore a digital correspondent for our offline products.

2010 We have consolidated our TV divisions, introducing a new operational platform – Antena Group. This entity unites three of our top TV brands: Antena1, Antena2 and Euforia TV enabling a better multibrand strategy and resource capitalization. At the same time, the move to a new building brought us closer together and made us able to better and more efficiently respond to our clients’ needs. Throughout 2010, we introduced innovative and exciting experiences for our public – locally adapted formats as well as original series, daring campaigns and print premieres such as augmented reality in Top Gear or 3D pages in Gazeta Sporturilor. Moreover, we have taken our role in the community very seriously. The foundation “Mereu Aproape” organized the most impressive fund raising and social campaign to have taken place in Romania “Apa trece, Romania ramine”.

2011 Although only half way through, the year of 2011 appears to be a highly dynamic one. Passionate about innovation, we are searching for new platforms relevant for the needs of our clients. Consequently, we were the first Romanian company to introduce the QR codes on TV. Gazeta Sporturilor launched an online community for sport lovers, an online radio and an application on iPad. In 2011, we also launched BBC Focus, the number 1 magazine in the world in the field of science, technology and future. In conveys more than 100 pages of professional journalism with detailed product testing and amazing photography. Furthermore, in September we are preparing the official release of the magazine The Industry, targeting media professionals and everyone interested in the field. This magazine wants to keep a close eye on strategy, important acquisitions, relevant numbers, teams, leaders, events and all sort of essential information regarding this market.

2012 It witnesses a production renaissance for Antena 1. Formats as X factor, Your face sounds familiar, Money Drop entail the work of top professionals and enjoys the appreciation of the young public. The channel’s sales policy follows this trend and focuses on the 18-49 target. The emphasis put on the digital zone materializes in the newly created Antena Digital, especially designed to generate content and grow online communities that are interconnected with the on-air projects. The annual Forza ZU event gathers tens of thousands of people in the city of Timisoara. The group’s commitment  for the social causes reflect in Mereu Aproape Foundantion’s programs:  “Vreau sa ajut” ( I want to help) – 1.200.000 euro for the treatment of children with severe health problems – and “lasati-ma sa invat” (Let me learn) – 350.000 euro raised for 12 fully equipped educational centers.

2013 Antena 1 celebrates 20 years since its launch by offering its public and partners the most abundant programming grid to date. Antena 2 becomes Antena Stars, a unique niche channel which sets the showbiz agenda. Antena 3 sets a  Guinness World Record for the biggest national flag and becomes the most awarded news station in Romania, with four AIB London awards, a golden medal at the New York Festivals for Television and Films and six APTR  (Association of Romanian Television Professionals) awards. The group continues the development of the digital area by launching Antena Play, the ultimate video platform that offers access to all content channels in its portfolio as well as new content streams, reaching 500.000 organic accounts by the end of the year. Another new digital product, www.spynews.ro , climbs rapidly in top three most viewed tabloid sites in Romania.

2014 The number of viewers reached daily, for at least one minute, by the group TV channels reaches 10.450.000, on a national level, during whole day. Over 75 productions contribute to market share growth, from 22.1% to 24.3% on the whole day interval. Another 14 awards – and 4 nominations, one of which to the International Emmy Awards – prove the quality of Intact’s content. The digital division grows by 300% compared to the previous year and Radio ZU gathers over 500.000 Romanians in Cluj Napoca, at the annual Forza ZU outdoor event. Romantic FM celebrates 20 years on-air, steadily appreciating its premium position. Antena Play extends the number of TV channels in its portfolio to 12, spinning over 80.000 hours of content, Intact Media Academy marks its third year of activity with another 82 alumni, while Gazeta Sporturilor acknowledges its 50 years on the market by revamping gsp.ro, the leading sports site in Romania.

2015 The group’s content strategy evolves to being more interactive, preponderantly focusing on the 18-49 target. The foundation for the Euforia TV’s transformation into Happy Channel is set, starting work to an unique project which militates for women rights. The group reorganizes its print operations, focusing on two iconic titles, Jurnalul National and Gazeta Sporturilor. The online division scores record numbers, 128 million views and 13 million unique users in December 2015 alone. 

www.a1.ro leads the entertainment category, www.gsp.ro leads the sports category and www.spynews.ro tops the tabloid category. Antena Group launches  lajumate.ro, the ultimate classified ads portal, offering maximum visibility for its user through a hybrid online-TV model.  Intact Media Academy’s four years of activity translates into 1000 graduates that confirm the program’s success.  Fundatia Mereu Aproape reaches over 1 million people helped through its programs over the course of its 10 years of existence and 10 million euro raised with this scope. The group makes a hefty investment in HD equipment while the forms dedicated to Romanian industries gather around all important stakeholders, from public authorities to business representatives.