Powerful. Intact Media Group means strength. Means power. The power to reach 10 million people every day, through all its brands. The power to have relevant information and keep its public well informed. The power to help and to change for the better people’s lives. The power to be part of the society’s evolution and to create new content platforms. The power to move to the next level.

The group’s channels are watched by 10 million people for at least one minute every day, on a national level. The group’s online platform scored 86 million views and 14 million unique users in Q1 2016. The radio division has a daily audience of 1.800.000 listeners. In percentages, this means that 94.7% of the Romanian population is reached by one of the group’s brands.

Intact Media Group is also a strong, dynamic and flexible business entity, in a perpetual optimization of its strategy and structure. The investment in new technology translated into the HD transmission, in 2016, and new content platforms.

Relevant. Intact Media Group is relevant for its public and business partners through its fresh, open and customized approach. In its 25 years presence on the market, our group has delivered valuable content, has witnessed important social transformations, being an intrinsic part of its public life while it has constantly evolved in tune with the times. All of this was possible through the professionalism, dedication and inspiration of its team and due to a solid business platform. Intact has created numerous benchmarks over the years. With a repositioned news team according to key performance targets, with the most popular names in entertainment and with an effective management team, the Group’s entities deliver what they know best: relevant content.  From the most awarded journalists to the most spectacular entertainment shows, Intact’s content stands performance. Participation. Relevance.

Authentic. Intact Media Group is the most consistent Romanian greenfield media platform. A family business, built for Romanians by Romanians, the group is in tune with the Romanian and European and values.

The genuine concern for Romanian realities is given by the dimension of the involvement in the social area, through “Mereu Aproape” Foundation‘s campaigns.

Last but not least, Intact Media Group takes pride in its team, the driving force of its evolution. 25 years after the launch of its first business, Intact has the best professionals, highly profiled in journalism, production or management. The family spirit stays at the core of Intact’s beliefs, with more than 100 people working in the group for over 15 years.