Antena 1 represented a premiere for Romania at its launch in 1993, being the first investment in commercial television, based entirely on a private local business.

Initially meant as a regional television for Bucharest and the nearby suburbs, Antena 1 has developed on a spectacular pace over the 19 years since its debut. It has gradually become a top network with over 800 employees, which covers 95% of the country population.

Content-wise, Antena 1 aims to be an emotion-generator, an important partner in each of its viewers’ life. Either through controversial stories, relaxing moments or the latest information, Antena 1 stays true to its credo, of being always close to its audience.

Antena 1’s programming mix is that of a generalist tv station, comprising of newscasts, entertainment shows, films and tv series either aqcuired or locally produced, exclusive sports programs such as the national football league, magazines and children shows.



generalist, entertainment


25-54 yo, urban population


Key Formats

Te cunosc de undeva!, Mireasă pentru fiul meu, X Factor, Castigi in 60 de secunde, Next Top Model, Burlacul, Plasa de Stele, In Puii Mei, Neatza cu Razvan si Dani, Acces Direct, Un Show Pacatos


Key Figures

12,2% whole day (GFK, ian-iun 2011)



Sorin Alexandrescu, CEO, Antena Group
Cristina Jura – Marketing Director Antena Group


Sales House

Monica Stoicescu – Sales Manager



Intact Media Center
Str. Garlei nr. 1B, sector 1
013721, Bucuresti
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