Antena 2 became Antena STARS, bringing a new, unique structure of content in the Romanian audiovisual landscape through innovative ideas, glam and objective approach of the gossip local landscape; celebrity life, presented both in the spotlight, and beyond as no other TV station does it. 14 hours/day live programs.

The structure of the daily talk live shows is supported by the savviest commentators, in an interactive atmosphere, discussing  both the guests and the viewers.

The program grid is supported by reputed presenters such as Cristian Brancu (most experienced commentator celebrity life) , Mihai Morar ( undisputed leader in the area of radio entertainment and among the most popular TV celebrity) or Florentina Fantanaru (established as one of the best journalist of TV interviews with personalities ) widely recognized as opinion leaders in discussing the celebrities and gossips of the local scene.



most of the shows are LIVE productions in the studios of Antena Stars

76.1% of the Romanian population
cable and direct-to-home

18-49 yo, urban population


Key Formats

Agentul VIP, Răi da’ Buni, Star Matinal, Star News, Star Mag., Dincolo de aparențe, Necenzurat, Dosarele VIP


Key Figures

1,4% whole day (GFK, ian-iun 2011)



Sorin Alexandrescu, CEO, Antena Group
Cristian Ionescu, Channel Manager
Nicu Damu – Marketing Manager


Sales House

Alina Brohanschi- Sales Manager



Intact Media Center
Str. Garlei nr. 1B, sector 1
013721, Bucuresti
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