Intact Media Academy’s mission is to form the best media professionals in Romania. It is the most comprehensive educational program in the country, gathering the experience of the most renowned Romanian journalists. In the last four years,  550 students  graduated one of the four specializations – TV Anchor, Reporter, Cameraman –  photographer and Image Editor and more than 500 make up artists were trained by Mirela Vescan.

“I’m a star” (IMA Star)  – is a special section in the morning news bulletin ( Observator) where the most talented students and graduates test their knowledge and practice live coverage of news, weather forecast or horoscope. Intact Media Academy is the only media school in Romania that offers such an opportunity for students to exercise during a live TV production.

Prestigious trainers from mass media, as well as cinematography teach at Intact Media Academy  – Alessandra Stoicescu, Dani Oțil, Carmen Avram, Cristi Brancu, Aurelian Ciocan, Dan Negru, Mihaela Călin, Trestiana Cristian, Sabina Iosub, Valentin Butnaru, Daniel Osmanovici, Ovidiu Gyarmath, Adi Popa, Sebastian Boteanu, Leo Moga, Vali Căloiu.

Media Trainings were introduced for those who want to learn how to relate to the press, how to communicate during a crisis, how to communicate with the press. The trainers are one of the most experienced journalists in Romania – Alessandra Stoicescu, Adrian Ursu or Adrian Maniutiu.

44A, Ficusului Boulevard, second floor, 013721, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: 021-2087402