Intact Media Group holds two love-marks in its radio portfolio, with different history and audiences. With a daily audience of more than 1.700.000 listeners, Radio ZU and Romantic FM are two of the most renowned brands in Romanian FM. Radio ZU is the most powerful radio brand in Romania, an absolute leader in Bucharest since its launch almost eight years ago while Romantic FM is one of the most enduring premium brands, celebrating its 22nd anniversary in 2016.

Radio ZU has been Bucharest’s most popular radio station ever since its launch in 2008. It also holds the third place on the national, urban population. ZU is a landmark for out of the box unconventional campaigns and mass-aggregator with big outdoor events. Forza ZU, the biggest concert in Romania has grown from one year to another, in 2016, more than 110.000 people occupied Piata Constitutiei and sang alongside some of the most important singers in Romania.


Romantic FM is an unique product on the Romanian media market, a radio station with personality, a premium product dedicated to a public above average as far as the social status and education are concerned. The only Premium Exclusive radio station in Romania celebrated its 22nd anniversary in 2016. Over time, Romantic FM has established itself as a premium benchmark in the Romanian FM. With a unique approach and ambiance, the radio station has consolidated its position as the main generator of quality music for a premium audience. The “music, not noise” slogan still reflects the exclusive playlist and classy personality.  Romantic FM is a brand carefully built and treasured in its 22 years of existence. Running on a soft adult contemporary format, the playlist focuses on golden hit spanning the last 5 decades in music.