Intact Media Group’s TV division

Intact Media Group TV Division consists of a family of channels which addresses all categories of public, from big productions to news & current affairs. The five complementary channels form a rich pool of content which is also available to the Romanians abroad, through Antena International. All channels stand together through high standards of quality content, the professionals involved in creative and technical operations, respect for the public and continuing effort to expand digital services to ever growing audiences and new platforms.

Antena 1 the power of entertainment
Antena Stars the power of celebrity
Antena 3 the power of news
Happy Channel the power of women
ZU TV the power of youth

Antena Group consists of a family of channels, each one targeting specific audiences: Antena 1 (18-49 urban), Antena Stars (18-49, active people), Happy Channel (modern women), ZU TV ( 15-34 young people).  Antena 3 targets the all urban, active people, top and middle management, business men and entrepreneurs, opinion leaders. With national coverage by terrestrial signal, cable or satellite and a fully digital broadcasting, Intact Media Group’s TV stations have a combined audience of 21.8% of the population in urban areas, aged between 18-49 years.

Antena 1 represented a premiere for Romania at its launch in 1993, being the first investment in commercial television, based entirely on a private local business.

Initially meant as a regional television for Bucharest and the nearby suburbs, Antena 1 has developed on a spectacular pace over the last 22 years since its debut, gradually becoming one of the most loved entertainment TV station in Romania.  

Antena 1 is the quintessence of television show, with local and international formats, such as: Next Star, Serifi de Romania, iUmor, In puii mei, Poftiti de va iubiti , X Factor, Your face sounds familiar, Game of Chefs, Temptation Island.

Content-wise, Antena 1 aims to be an emotion-generator, an important partner in each of its viewers’ life. Either through controversial stories, relaxing moments or the latest information, Antena 1 stays true to its credo, of being always close to its audience.

Antena 1’s programming mix is that of a generalist TV station, comprising of newscasts, entertainment shows, films and tv series either acquired or locally produced, exclusive sports programs such as the national football league, magazines and children shows.

Antena 1 has the largest family of stars and the strongest production team in Romania. Also, Intact’s flagship channel has the most substantial number of live programs per

day for a generalist channel, the largest family of stars and a massive number of local productions.


Antena Stars, the leading voice in Romanian showbiz brings Romanians closer to their favorite stars in a new and super glamorous approach to the celebrity world.

Antena STARS brings a new, unique structure of content in the Romanian audiovisual landscape through innovative ideas, glam and objective approach of the gossip local landscape; celebrity life, presented both in the spotlight, and beyond as no other TV station does it.  Under the umbrella concept of “Antena Stars VedeTot” (“Antena Stars Sees Everything”), the programming schedule contains a record number of live shows – 14 hours/day live programs.

The structure of the daily talk live shows is supported by the savviest commentators, in an interactive atmosphere, in a discussion with both the guests and the viewers.

The program grid is supported by reputed presenters such as Cristian Brancu (most experienced commentator celebrity life) , Mihai Morar ( undisputed leader in the area of radio entertainment and among the most popular TV celebrity) or Florentina Fantanaru (established as one of the best journalist of TV interviews with personalities ) widely recognized as opinion leaders in discussing the celebrities and gossips of the local scene.

Only TV station focused on news mundane, with about stars in Romania, it is a unique niche


In 2016, Euforia turned into Happy Channel, a family oriented station and the first channel that militates in favor of women rights. The changes were made both visually and in terms of content structure of the channel.

Happy Channel addresses women interests and supports their causes, as well as offering the viewers quality productions. Happy Channel will continue the already established series: Dr. House, Downton Abbey, Suits; and will also bring new South American productions (by Televisa), renowned European and American serials. A reality show experiment, a new concept for TV market in Romania and even in Europe, The right to happiness was launched the same day as the TV station.


ZU TV is the most dynamic and cool TV channel, dedicated to eager youngsters looking for entertainment. ZU TV came to complete the fully-integrated experience ignited by Radio ZU: a ZUper platform for the young generation. ZU brand has established itself in recent years as the main engine for promoting young artists and good music and managed to gather a record number of people at its events and on its platforms.
ZU is cool, fresh, funny and it quickly reached leadership on key slots within its niche of teenagers and young adults.

ZU TV understood that a brand is only as valuable as its relevance to this dynamic audience, which led to development of events and activities that add value to the music brand. The TV station broadcasts the most important international music events, own productions for young audiences and supports, together with Radio ZU the best music. With a customized program schedule, ZU TV has a series of programs on topics of interest to the young generation (shows which are both educational, inspirational and entertaining) – information about celebrities and world news, backstage music entertainment, ideas for fun, star biographies and the history of music genres.


Launched in 2005, Antena 3 is a news and current affairs channel, built upon the group’s solid expertise as an information provider. Antena 3 is the leading news channel in Romania and also the only Romanian station affiliated to CNN International.

Shortly after its launch, through memorable campaigns and events (The largest flag in the world; Pe tricolor e scris Unire; Mihai Neșu Day; The 2014 Roland Garros Finale or Europe Day), unprecedented journalistic investigations, recognition and support for Romanian values, relevant information provided by the best team of journalists in Romania, Antena 3 turned into the leading news channel in Romania.

Antena 3 is the first option for exclusive footage and special events and it became the most trusted information source for every Romanian. Also, it is the only news channel CNN International affiliate in Romania.
Antena 3 has won numerous awards and nominations for its programs, both local and at international festivals such as the Emmy Awards, AIB London, Promax BDA, New York Festivals or APTR (the Association of Television Professionals in Romania).

Antena 3 is a premium information product for a premium public, delivering first choice news programs. The first to inform and put things in perspective, it opens the public’s eye on the story behind the story.