Intact televisions increase on all timeslots for the commercial target. CME declining


The month of September, which marks the powerful return of the shows in the program of Intact televisions, brought a significant increase in the market share among the commercial target, on the most important timeslots. An important appreciation can be found in Prime Time, where market share rose by 2.7 points. This is due to the powerful return of the great shows of Antena 1, talk- shows of Antena 3, the gossip shows of Antena 2 and the broadcast of the series „Revenge” by Euforia TV. By contrast, the competitor registered a decline in market share on all time slots compared to August.

Outstanding performances are registered also for the urban audience: „Antenele” consolidate their leadership position also in September for most of the time slots. On the other hand, the televisions of CME, which include Pro TV decreased. The channels of INTACT have ranking positions on the interval Whole Day, but also in Day Time, Access and Late Fringe. (mai mult…)

Summer 2013: More viewers than last year for the televisions of Intact


Intact Media Group televisions increase their number of viewers of the audience aged between 18 and 49 during the months of January to August 2013 compared to the same period last year. Upward curves are recorded on time slots the day. The large-scale productions that Antena 1 has had this year, the talk-shows of Antena 3 Antena 2’s fashionable productions, the special broadcasts of Euforan and of  GSP TV had a direct and positive impact on the commercial public increasing the number of viewers from one year to another.

The upward trend can be seen also on the All Urban target. „Antenele” are audience leaders on the major time slots. Intact stations have supremacy and consolidate their leading position in the Whole Day, Day Time, Access, Late Fringe and All Day

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Half a million Romanians more for Antena Group


The most beloved entertainment TV family in TV Romania, Antena 1, Antena 2, Euforia TV and GSPTV, records rating increases for the first half of the year but also compared to 2009, the year when the TV stations were united under the same entity, Antena Group.

Antenele have a market share of 20.4 throughout the day, on the 18-49 years old segment. They have appreciated on each interval as follows:

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Intact Media Group – the leader of TV advertising in the first half of 2013


The TV channels of Intact Media Group hold 29,7% of the total advertising market, while the American Group CME, the main competitor, which has PRO TV in its portfolio, owns a smaller percentage of only 25.8%.

The audience performances and constant investments in quality programs brought Intact an increase in market share by 8% during the day and of 5% in primetime compared to the same period last year. Therefore, the television channels of Intact Media Group (Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia TV and GSPTV) have a daily audience of 6.584 million Romanians. (mai mult…)

INTACT MEDIA GROUP, 6.584 million viewers per day on the first half of 2013


The first six months of the year confirms the leading position of Intact Media Group televisions for the major audience slots.  The TV channels are leaders during Whole Day, Day Time, Access and Late Night. Viewers chose to watch the shows that enjoy global success , broadcasted by Antena 1, the news and talk-shows of Antena 3, the gossip shows of Antena 2, the hit series of Euforia TV and the sports programs of GSP TV.

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Intact Media Group prepares investments and new products by the end of the year


Intact Media Group, the largest media platform in Romania, supported entirely by local capital, is preparing investments and new products by the end of 2013.

The first event in this regard is the launch of Antena Play the online television platform of the group, which will include five live TV channels and five exclusive new posts: News, Gossip, Stars and TVNovela and ZU Channel. Antena Play benefited from an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars and was developed entirely in-house by Digital AG, the online team of Antena Group. The same team has increased the website traffic in the group by up to 400% and they are preparing the TV integration with Antena Play. (mai mult…)

The Hearing of Sorin Alexandrescu at DNA – Official Position of Antena 1


Bucharest, May 30, 2013. Antena 1 is confident that the legal steps in the hearing of Sorin Alexandrescu, the CEO of the television station Antena 1 will run with alacrity and will fully comply with the law, including the procedural rights established by the national and international law.

 The hearing of Mr. Alexandrescu rises however significant doubts about the legitimacy and objectivity of this approach, given the fact that the complaint came from a company representative of RCS-RDS with which Antena Group already has a number of civil and commercial litigations. Specifically, at the moment, there are 11 court litigations between the Antena Group and RCS & RDS, among which there is also a request for the insolvency of the cable distributor (RCS& RDS) . (mai mult…)

Români buni Europeni


Bucharest, March 27th, 2013- The day Antena 3 sets a world record by making largest national flag in the world, Intact Media Group launches thhe campaign “Români buni Europeni”, an initiative to recognize but also to promote the Romanian values ​​resonating in Europe. Intact activates all its media platforms to support Romanians performance. It is the perfect moment to think about European standards which can make the difference and imply development. Meanwhile, Intact aims to promote European values ​​as a basis for the development of the Romanian society. (mai mult…)

The TV stations of Intact Media Group are the leadears of October


The televisions of Intact Media Group keep their leadership position in October, during Whole Day but also on another significant intervals. Thus, Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia TV and GSP TV are detached leaders in Day Time (time interval 10.00 – 16.00), in Access Prime-Time (time interval 16.00-19.00) and in Late Night (time interval 23.00 – 02.00). CME, the main competitor which contains PRO TV ranks second. The biggest difference regarding the market share is recorded in Day Time, IMG TV stations registering a growth of 9.3 market share points compared to CME. (mai mult…)

Radio ZU, the constant leader of radio stations from Bucharest


 The start of the season came with amazing news for Mihai and Daniel. According to the Survey for Radio Audience conducted by IMAS – Marketing and Polls SA and GfK Romania – Market Research Institute Ltd, from 30th April to 19th August 2012, Radio ZU remains the leader of audiences in the capital of Romania. ZU is heard by 271,700 of people from Bucharest, every day. Radio ZU has a market share of 12.7%.

Radio ZU has an increase of over 49,000 listeners, compared to the same period last year.  The following radio is Radio Romania News with only 230,400 listeners, followed by Kiss FM with 214,800 listeners.

In urban areas, ZU ranks third. It is the preferred station of 1,252,200 people every day. Compared to Summer 2012, the number increased by 179,100 listeners.

Romantic FM-FM remains amongst the favorite radio stations in Bucharest

Good news the older brother of Radio ZU, Romantic FM.  This summer the listeners continued to chose „music, not noise”. Romantic FM maintained itss fourth position in the  Bucharest FM market , with a share of 4.3%. Romantic FM’s online platform, is one of the most diverse and dynamic structure type. The 14 internet radio stations are listened by 1,200,000 monthly listeners.

6000 editions of Jurnalul National


For 19 years, Jurnalul National is a milestone for the Romanian quality journalism. For 19 years, the team of Jurnalul National knows what quality journalism means and has genuinely fought for normality in the Romania press. Information, stories, real-life events. Surveys and interviews. News and reports … Miscarea de Rezistenta… For 19 years, Jurnalul National has informed its readers about  Romania and especially about Romanians – wherever they were! (mai mult…)

The turnover of large media groups, Windows 8 and the Bahoi story in the new issue of „The Industry”


The 12th issue of „The Industry” comes with sharp comments. After having studied the financial data of over 100 media companies and advertising agency offered by the Ministry of Finance, the readers will find the turnover of media groups, the profit in 2011 compared with 2010, the numbers, the wins and the loss. Can one cheat with “likes” on Facebook? Vlad Ursulean carefully studied the phenomenon and now presents some unorthodox praxis. (mai mult…)

12 hours a day, the TV Channels of Intact Media Group are leaders of audineces


The first six months of 2012 show a significant appreciation of the audience of Intact TV channels compared with the same period last year. Therefore, for the first part of 2012, Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Euforia TV and GSP TV are audience leaders for three major market segments, which add up to 12 hours per day. (mai mult…)

Champagne, celebrities and live online broadcasting at the graduation ceremony of the fourth IMA promotion


The fourth batch of students from INTACT MEDIA ACADEMY met today, Friday, June 29th, for the graduation ceremony hosted by Alessandra Stoicescu and broadcasted live on website Intact Media Academy. (mai mult…)

Antena 3 is seven years old


Antena 3 the news television part of Intact Media Group, celebrates today 7 years since its launch. The evolution of Antena 3 in these years is remarkable: relevant content and continually growing audiences. Antena 3 is today’s most watched news channel in Romania, with a team of leading professionals and local and international prizes. (mai mult…)

Adiences for the month of may


The televisions of Intact Media Group are leaders in Day Time and now are taking the lead also in the interval 16.00 – 19.00. (mai mult…)

The televisions of Intact Media Group, winners at the APTR awards


Monday evening, Antena 3 won the APTR Award for 2012 for „the most watched talk shows.” The news television of Intact Group received four awards in as many categories and Antena 1 won the „Presenter / Producer” category with Gabriela Vranceanu Firea and the show „Craciun in familie”. The Television Professionals Association Awards Romania is now at its XXII edition.
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The Radio Division of Intact is growing


Radio ZU is the absolute leader of audiences in capital and continues to grow in the urban area. The results of the last measurements of Radio Audience Survey conducted between January 16 to April 29, 2012 by IMAS – Marketing and Polls SA and GfK Romania – Market Research Institute Ltd confirms the leading position of Radio ZU where Buzdugan and Morar are the stars.

ZU is the favorite radio for 269,500 daily in Bucharest and has a market share of 13%. This represents an increase of 31,100 listeners since the previous measurements. Radio Romania Actualitati is situated on the second place, at a distance of 30,900 listeners while Kiss FM ranks third place at a distance of 43.600 listeners.

At an urban level, the team of DJs from ZU welcomes each day a total of 1,263,000, with 214,900 more than in 2011. Thus, Radio ZU is the second most listened radio on urban areas.

The radio which gathers people

In over three years since its launch the team at Radio ZU proved that they can gather people. Forza ZU in Timisoara, is Romania’s largest karaoke event held just two days ago. It gathered in front of the stage more than 30,000 people. They had fun with Buzdugan, Morar, and the hottest artists of the Romanian music industry. On Valentine’s Day, the hit concert organized by Radio ZU was held in front of 20,000 people in love. A year before, in Brasov, the first event Forza ZU gathered over 13,000 people. We are a force. We are ZU!

Romantic FM increasing in Bucharest

As usual, Romantic FM is one of the most loved Bucharest radios, with a market share of 5.6%. The approximately 100,000 listeners, recorded in the last radio research, they stay true fans to the only radio offering “music, not noise. „

Romantic FM gains new audiences on its online platform, one of the most diverse and dynamic structures having 14 radios and monthly, 1,100,000 listeners.

Professor Vintila Mihailescu says that “It’s time for the Romanians”


Professor Vintila Mihailescu was the guest of “Intalniri Creative”, the May edition. Intalniri Creative is an event where a person is invited at Intact Media Group in order to share with the employees their experiences, interesting stories of their career and life. He discussed about opportunities in the general and particular in the campaign „“It’s time for the Romanians”. This campaign aims to return to the values ​​of the Romanian people, especially given the fact that Intact Media Group is the leading Romanian media trust, built with local capital. This approach is very likely to be successful. (mai mult…) launches


Antena 3 launched today, May 18th , a project which addresses all sports fans, but also those who want to escape from daily routine and enter an exciting world, full of history, heroes and legends, namely the website http://

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Intact TV


Intact Media Group launched the weekly guide Intact TV, distributed for free together with Gazeta Sporturilor.

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Intact Media Group offers its media platforms for supporting young talent


Supporting young talented people is a priority for Intact Media Group. Therefore, on Thursday evening, all the brand representatives of the group have participated in an event to encourage a student with real artistic skills who is already part of project Primii 20. Eglatina Becheru auctioned her own creation, a painting dedicated Primii 20. The offers from people in the group were extremely generous.

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In April, Antenele are leaders in Day Time and knew an increase in Prime-Time.


The channels of INTACT Group continue to appreciate in terms of audience, as they do since January. Thus, in April, Anetenele have strengthened their leading position among the audience of the whole urban area. In Day-Time, INTACT market share is 20%, while Pro TV has 14.8% in the mentioned time interval, 10.00-16.00. Moreover, Antenele knew an increase in audience in Prime Time, unlike their main competitor, CME, whose ratings and market share were descending.

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